Postbac Premed Alumnus Awarded Prestigious Bush Fellowship

Postbac Premed alumnus Dr. Benson Hsu is one of 24 individuals who has been awarded a 2018 Bush Fellowship. Chosen from an applicant pool of over 750 people, fellows receive up to $100,000 over one to two years to pursue leadership development.

March 26, 2018

Dr. Hsu, who works in the pediatric intensive care unit at Sanford Children’s Hospital in South Dakota, hopes to use the fellowship to focus on prevention of critical medical situations.

"I started to realize that a lot of the issues I deal with involve treating the disease, rather than preventing the disease from occurring," he told local newspaper the Argus Leader. Dr. Hsu, who is currently Chief Medical Analytics Officer as well as a pediatric care practitioner at Sanford, intends to change this by integrating health care and community data into the medical process and improving preventive measures in rural areas.

Through his research, Dr. Hsu hopes to “revolutionize” rural health care, and will use the Bush Fellowship funds to study design thinking, strengthen his management skills, and advance his technical data analytics abilities.

Dr. Hsu received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and worked in consulting after graduation. He began his career in healthcare in the Postbac Premed Program, after which he completed his M.D. at the University of Missouri and a residency and fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to his work at Sanford Children’s Hospital, he also teaches at the University of South Dakota, where he has published over 50 manuscripts, abstracts, and chapters on his field.