Private Scholarships and Grants

Private scholarships and grants can be excellent sources of financial assistance, and each year GS students compete successfully for a wide range of scholarship opportunities.

In addition to the list below, you may also wish to consult the list of fellowships on the GS website—while many of the fellowships listed fund graduate study, some are open to undergraduates.

Below is a partial list of scholarship opportunities, as well as websites where you can begin your scholarship search. Read all requirements carefully, and beware of scholarship scams. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a scholarship, please consult the GS Office of Educational Financing.

Scholarship Search Services

College Xpress

College Board Scholarship Search


Foundation Center

International Scholarships

Scholarships and Grants

Student Scholarship Search

General Guides

U.S. Department of Education
Official website of the U.S. Department of Education.

Federal Student Aid
Federal government website offering information on planning and financing a college education, as well as tips on relocating for college, student tax benefits, etc.

Guide to financial aid for international students.

Comprehensive guide to financial aid, which includes general advice for nontraditional students.

Guide to financial aid and scholarships.