Educational Financing Advising

The Office of Educational Financing is the primary source of financial aid advising for students at the School of General Studies. Students who seek financial aid advising, veteran education benefits advising, and other aid-related topics are asked to make an appointment online.

Note that appointments are only listed if they are available. If none are listed, keep checking back for additional availability.

Same-Day Advising

The Office of Educational Financing dedicates time each weekday for same-day advising appointments, which are limited to 20 minutes in length. Students may sign up for same-day advising online. Appointments cannot be booked in advance; students may sign up for a slot beginning at 9 a.m. each weekday.

Same-day appointments are usually not suitable for newly-admitted students. Newly-admitted students should schedule an appointment with a financial aid advisor below.

Same-day appointments are usually not suitable for addressing complicated financial aid issues, which require scheduling a counseling appointment. Concerns that may be addressed in a same-day appointment include the following:

  • Quick financial aid questions (e.g., has my private loan check arrived?)
  • Clarification of a specific financial aid issue
  • Follow-up on a request or communication sent to you by the Office of Educational Financing

Note: It is not possible to request a specific financial aid counselor for same-day appointments.

Counseling Appointments

Counseling appointments are typically 30 minutes and are meant for in-depth educational counseling issues and long-term planning. These appointments are usually the best way for a student to start the planning process for managing Columbia educational costs. Appointments must be booked in advance.

Examples of questions that require a counseling appointment include the following:

  • What if I change my enrollment level?
  • How will getting married/divorced affect my educational financing?
  • My employment status is changing—what are my options?

U.S. Military Veteran Benefits Counseling

It is our goal in the GS Office of Educational Financing to ensure that all veteran students needing assistance, information, and counseling on both veteran-specific educational benefits and federal, state, and GS institutional aid options have efficient access to counseling. Recognizing students' busy schedules, we strive to ensure that wait times for seeing a counselor for veteran and/or financial aid concerns is kept to a minimum. To best serve students, office hours for veterans education benefits counseling are structured in a similar fashion to all office hours in the GS Office of Educational Financing. Please plan accordingly.

Students are encouraged to schedule their appointments online using the links below, but may also do so by calling 212-854-5410. If you are having trouble using the online appointment system, or need to cancel an appointment, email

All appointments are held in 408 Lewisohn Hall.

Veteran Students

These appointments are suitable for all veteran students, both current and newly-admitted.

Veteran Student Appointment Availability

Current Students

Current Student Appointment Availability