Apply for a Locker in Lerner Hall

Students are invited to apply for a locker in Lerner Hall for the fall semester, spring semester, or academic year. A limited number of lockers are available.

September 02, 2021

Students with Disabilities
Students applying for lockers that have medical conditions or disabilities and who believe that obtaining a locker would help them more easily manage on-campus activities should contact GS Student Life Coordinator, Stephanie Montero, so that their application may be prioritized. This information will remain confidential.

To request a locker, submit the application by Monday, September 27.

Apply for a Locker in Lerner Hall
Available in SSOL; you may need to change your viewing options (at the top of the screen) in order for it to be displayed.
Enrollment Status
Semester(s) for which you are requesting a locker
Are you registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS)?