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Welcome to Columbia University School of General Studies

Discover how you can continue your story at one of the nation’s most elite universities.


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Meet Our Students

  • Columbia University School of General Studies
    • More than 900 renowned professors who are leading scholars in their disciplines (79 of whom are Nobel Laureates and 99% hold PhDs).
    • Over 70 majors.
    • One—on—one academic advising and tutoring.
    • A network of over 250,000 alumni that allows students to connect with volunteer, internship, and post—graduation job opportunities.
    • On—campus career services center.
    • Study abroad programs throughout the world.
  • Students
    • GS students include professional dancers and actors, business professionals, military veterans, parents, and many more.
    • Number of students enrolled: approx. 1600.
    • More than 70% of GS students go on to earn advanced degrees.
    • The most diverse undergraduate college in the Ivy League in terms of life and career experience.
  • New York City, Our City
    • Beautiful, 32 acre campus located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
    • Columbia's library system includes over 9.5 million volumes.
    • CUarts provides discounts to help you take advantage of all New York has to offer.
    • The ongoing World Leaders Forum has hosted such guests as Former President Bill Clinton, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
  • Columbia University Admissions

    Things to consider when contemplating applying to Columbia University School of General Studies:

    • Our admissions process takes into account traditional measures of academic success while also making a determined effort to engage applicants in a dialogue designed to gauge their academic and intellectual capabilities.
    • We want to hear your story, where you see yourself, and what’s the next chapter in your life.
    • Approximately 70 percent of students receive some form of need—based financial aid and/or merit scholarships.
  1. College
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  4. Admissions
  • Our College

    Columbia University School of General Studies (GS) is the only college of its kind created to meet the needs of returning and nontraditional students. As an undergraduate at GS you will take the same courses, with the same professors, alongside all other Columbia undergraduates—an integrated approach that you won’t find at most elite universities.

    You’ll participate in collaborative research projects with leading scholars, benefit from one-on-one academic advising and tutoring, and engage with classmates who are some of the brightest minds in the world. The School of General Studies offers an outstanding education that will exceed your expectations.

  • Our Students

    Our diverse student body, which includes performing artists, self-made Wall Street CEOs, Green Berets, and international transfer students, makes Columbia University School of General Studies unique. Each GS student has a different story, with different qualities, passions, and experiences, but together they share a sense of individuality that defines not only themselves but GS as a remarkable college. 

    Some of our students are either just beginning their undergraduate educations or resuming them after a break from school. They’ve had careers, served in the military, raised families, and lead rewarding lives, and now obtaining an Ivy League college education is their next milestone. GS students possess real-world experience. And, it’s that experience that both enhances the social fabric of our entire campus and inspires within each individual a greater desire for academic success.

  • Our City

    New York offers an array of possibilities right outside your door. Whether it’s Broadway and the Museum of Modern Art, cutting-edge medical centers, countless volunteer opportunities, inspired architecture, or the energy that comes from living and thriving alongside 8 million neighbors, the city will play a vital role in your life as a Columbia student.

  • Admissions

    We understand that applying to college can be a bit overwhelming. So before you begin the admission process, make sure to visit the two links provided below where you can access all the information necessary to take that next step, from a checklist of requirements to our upcoming Information Session schedule.

  1. College
  2. Students
  3. New York City
  4. Admissions


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