Why Should I Participate?

Why Should I Participate?

The School of General Studies at Columbia University has given us a unique opportunity to get an Ivy League education. Our Senior Class Fund will support the important need for financial aid for GS students.

We have all made tremendous sacrifices to pursue our education, but did you know that the University’s cost per student is almost twice what it charges in tuition?

Thanks to the generous support of Columbia alumni and friends, we receive a discount in the real cost of our education.

     —The GS Senior Fund Committee

Top 10 Reasons to Give

  1. Why should I give to the senior gift? I am a poor college student who spends tens of thousands of dollars on school, I have no extra money. Should I still care?
  2. These are the top ten reasons you, as a GS senior, should care:
  3. Our goal, as a class, is not a certain amount, but a participation rate. The success of the senior gift is measured by the percentage of graduating seniors who give. Therefore any gift of $5 or more counts towards that rate.
  4. This year, any gift of $5 or more is matched by a $25 gift from another student. So by giving you are helping to give more to financial aid.
  5. The GS senior gift goes entirely to scholarships, and to help GS students reach their goals.
  6. The School of General Studies believed in you and gave you a chance to get an Ivy League education. Giving back $5 or more is a small gesture of gratitude.
  7. Financial aid is a big issue now. Showing that we, as GS seniors, care about our school, its students, and financial aid, will help leverage our administration’s demand from the President to increase GS’s funding.
  8. By demonstrating a high participation rate in the Senior Fund, we are showing the alumni of GS that we care about financial aid and our school. This will contribute to higher participation and donations by GS Alumni.
  9. Giving this year as a senior is a gesture, thanking GS for the opportunities that it has given us, and starting a tradition of giving back to the school.
  10. If I give, then my friends will give. If my friends give, then their friends will give. If their friends give, well, you get the picture. GIVE NOW!