Undergraduate Announcements

Improve Time Management Skills in the Getting Things Done Group

Students are invited to learn more about how to join the Getting Things Done Group (GTD) which will assist students with tips and techniques to learn ways to use time more effectively and efficiently.

January 02, 2020

Spring 2020 IIJS Holocaust Study Fellowship

The Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies is launching a Holocaust Study Fellowship this spring. IIJS Fellows in Holocaust Study will have the opportunity to receive funds for study, independent research, and to support student-initiated programming as a supplement to approved courses teaching the history, culture, and literature of the Holocaust. In addition, GS students may be additionally eligible for full tuition support for the related courses.The application deadline is Friday, January 31.

January 09, 2020

GS Mentor Program

The School of General Studies Mentors Program invites incoming students to apply to be paired with a mentor, and returning students to apply to serve as mentors.  The GS Mentor Program pairs specially trained continuing GS students with incoming GS students on the basis of several criteria including majors, interests, and background.

January 09, 2020

Submit Session Ideas for The GS Mid-Semester Success Series

The GS Mid-Semester Success Series is a week-long program series designed to give students an opportunity to reflect on areas of personal growth, holistic wellness, and community building in preparation for the second half of the semester. With programming that is responsive to both GS undergraduates and Postbac Premed students, the series is both diverse and robust in responding to students at various stages in their academic and professional careers.

January 17, 2020

IDF Veteran Mentor Sign-Up

The IDF Veteran Mentoring Program is peer-to-peer mentorship designed to support IDF veteran students through academic life at the School of General Studies and help in focusing to complete goals in the most efficient manner.

January 27, 2020

New Academic Resource Center Now Open on 111th Street

The new GS Academic Resource Center on the northwest corner of Broadway and West 111th Street is now open.  All tutoring, coaching, and academic support sessions are taking place in the new location beginning today.

Walk-in tutoring is now available. Traditional tutoring and tutor-led study groups will be available beginning Monday, February 3. Registration for those services will open on Friday, January 31. 

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