Tenable After College

Tenable After College

The following fellowships are for post-graduation opportunities such as graduate school, long-term internships, and working abroad.

KEY: F = Freshmen, S = Sophomores, J = Juniors, S = Seniors, NGS = Non-graduating seniors (i.e. you have plans to return to Columbia to finish your bachelor's degree after benefiting from the fellowship opportunity), * = Open to non-citizens

General | Humanities and Social Sciences | Government
International Relations | Public Affairs | Business | Foreign Languages
Work Abroad | Far East for the Uninitiated | Science | Teaching
Idealistically Minded | New Americans | Fine Arts


The Clarendon Scholarship (Oxford) and the Gates Cambridge Scholarship (Cambridge) will fund your study for any degree in any field offered, from astrophysics to business administration to studio art. Depending on the length of the degree program, your award can last for one, two, or three years.*

The Marshall Scholarship will pay for graduate study in Britain in any field for a one- or two-year degree program (renewable for a third year).

The Rhodes Scholarship funds two years of study at Oxford in any field. American citizens and permanent residents can apply for an American Rhodes, but there are parallel Rhodes competitions for residents of Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, and seven other countries. In the U.S., you must be no older than 24 when you apply; other jurisdictions have different age limits.*

The Mitchell Scholarship will pay for graduate study in Ireland in any one-year degree program.

The Knight-Hennessy Fellowship is seeking 100 top-performing and idealistic students from around the world to embark upon graduate study in any field (including law, business, medicine, and the arts) at Stanford.   Scholars must be dedicated to finding “scalable” solutions to the major problems facing humanity today, be they in the domains of public health, environmental degradation, social inequality, or political conflict.   The fellowship program offers full tuition, a residential haven, leadership skill-building, and a staunchly interdisciplinary outlook.*

The King’s International Graduate Scholarship will contribute to your tuition and fees as you study for a master’s degree in any field at King’s College, London.*

The U.S. Student Fulbright Grant will pay for you to follow your dreams abroad during an entire academic year. Your project may include coursework, independent research, and/or professional training in the arts or other fields.

The DAAD Study Scholarship will pay for a postgraduate year in Germany, during which you may study almost any field independently or complete a full master’s degree program.

The Institute of Current World Affairs sponsors its fellows for two full years while they live abroad, carrying out self-designed programs of independent study on subjects of topical interest.*

The Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship seeks high-achieving students who aim, in their future careers as college professors, to exemplify and speak for the diversity of human experience. Aspiring scholars seeking PhD’s in any discipline of the arts and sciences are invited to apply. Benefits include a modest tuition grant, a $20,000 annual stipend for three years, and admission to the exclusive Conference of Ford Fellows.

Humanities and Social Sciences

The Schwarzman Scholars invites 200 college graduates each year to Tsinghua University in Beijing, where they will live in a new residential college and pursue an M.A. in public policy, economics, or international affairs. There will be much emphasis on leading:  seminars, mentors, and internships will teach how to anticipate trends and transform organizations.*

The Yenching Academy seeks 120-150 high-achieving students from around the world to prepare for international leadership by earning a one-year Master of China Studies degree at historic Peking University in Beijing.   Yenching Scholars share a residential college, take their courses in English, learn Chinese, and benefit from internships and career advising.*

The Beinecke Fellowship promises to contribute $30,000 towards your doctoral degree in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. You need to show not only that—as a college junior—you are already an outstanding scholar-in-the-making, but also that you have a very clear idea of the problems you hope to tackle in your graduate research.

The Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Program in the Humanities funds top-level graduates students in the humanities as they pursue their studies at the University of Oxford. In addition to a generous stipend, the scholarship includes extra mentoring opportunities and a private study space at Ertegun House, a renovated Georgian mansion in the heart of town.*

The Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship offers a generous support to students who are about to begin (or have recently begun) PhD programs in the humanities, sciences, or social sciences.  The Fellowship is only for those wanting to teach and do research at the college level.  Members of ethnic or racial groups not well represented in academia are especially encouraged to apply.* 

The David-Weill Scholarship is awarded every other year to an American graduate of a top university who wishes to obtain a master’s degree from Sciences Po in Paris. The scholarship offers two years’ worth of tuition and expenses to pursue any field at this storied French institution. Maximum age: 25.

The Frank Huntington Beebe Fund for Musicians Fellowship offers fellowships to performers and composers in classical disciplines for advanced music study and performance abroad. Fellowship stipends are $22,000; seniors in all majors are eligible to apply.

The Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellowship is a three-week, all-expenses paid study trip for college graduates of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds who have studied the Holocaust or related fields including Jewish history and human rights.  Fellows gather in New York before traveling to small towns throughout Poland and will study the collections and participate in workshops at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.* (S)

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The NYC Urban Fellows Program introduces you to all aspects of running a city by combining a 9-month internship in a municipal agency with a series of intensive seminars on NYC government.*

The Coro Fellowship offers you an intense year of internships, seminars, and introductions at the highest level. You would be a good candidate if you are a public-spirited individual seeking a career in government or non-profit leadership.*

The City Hall Fellow Program gives you a chance to work with a senior official in Baton Rouge, San Francisco, or other exotic locale while taking a year-long seminar in the operations of city government.*

The Capital Fellows Program will place you in various levels of California’s executive, legislative, or judicial branches of government while you attend a weekly graduate seminar at Sacramento State. You need not be Californian, but must have a passionate interest in the Golden State.*

International Relations

The Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program will give you the chance to do research in international affairs and public policy at one of Washington’s best-known think tanks—and will pay you a generous stipend along the way.*

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship will place you as a junior staff member in one many NGO’s in Washington focusing on peace and security. Salaried (modestly) and insured, you will work alongside seasoned professionals investigating such fields as disarmament, conflict prevention, and climate change.*

The Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship will finance your master’s degree in International Affairs, business administration, political science, foreign language, or any other subject useful in diplomacy. In exchange you must agree to work three years for the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer.

The Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program will pay for your master’s in international affairs. As with the Pickering, students must promise to work for the State Department afterwards.

The Donald M. Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship Program pays for a two-year master's degree, arranges internships, provides extra mentoring, and offers a straight-line path into the Foreign Service of the Agency for International Development. Graduate study may be undertaken in many fields, from economics to languages; but a desire to promote the development of the third-world lands is a must.

Public Affairs

The Truman Fellowship contributes $30,000 towards your master’s, doctoral, or professional degree in law, public administration, international affairs, or other public-spirited field. You need to prove that you have the makings of a leader in government, education, or the non-profit sector.

The Leland International Hunger Fellows Program of the Congressional Hunger Center allows fellows to spend a year abroad working on such issues as maternal nutrition, climate change adaptation, and women’s empowerment; they then return to Washington, D.C. for a year of policy-related work.  Stipend, health insurance, and professional development opportunities are provided.*

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The Consortium for Graduate Study in Business promotes the education and careers of future MBA students who want to use their influence in the business world to promote diversity in their community or workplace. Membership in the Consortium comes with multiple benefits, including a pre-MBA orientation program, the chance to receive merit-based full-tuition scholarships, and recruiting opportunities.

The Forte Fellows Program offers financial assistance to women pursuing full- or part-time MBA degrees at any of 50 top business schools in the US and abroad. Fellows also benefit from leadership conferences, networking events, and mentoring opportunities. No special application is required, as each participating school selects its own Forte participants. Prepare to qualify by mentoring women or girls or showing leadership in a cause concerning women.*

Foreign Language

The Language Flagship Program pays for your master’s degree in Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, or Persian. You spend one year stateside, studying the language at a designated American university, and one year abroad, learning the language where it is spoken. You must agree to work for the federal government for one or two years subsequently.

The Boren Scholarship sponsors you on a year-long overseas adventure as you study any one of several dozen “critical need languages.” You must agree to work for the federal government for a year. (For this fellowship only, you must defer your formal graduation date until you return to the U.S.)

The Kathryn Davis Fellowship will pay all tuition and living expenses as you study Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian in the Summer Language Schools at Middlebury College.*

The Critical Languages Scholarships (CLS) will pay all your expenses, including airfare, if you can commit yourself to a summer’s worth of intensive language study overseas. More than a dozen critical languages are on offer, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Korean, and Turkish.

The Blakemore Freeman Language Grant will pay you to perfect your knowledge of any Asian language by studying it full time for a year in the country where it is spoken. Your academic, professional, or business goals must require regular use of the language.*

The Center for Arabic Study Abroad will send you to Cairo or Amman for a year to perfect your Arabic language skills.*

Work Abroad

The Christianson Grant will fund your dream of working—not studying—abroad for at least half a year, provided you make all of the arrangements independently and receive no academic credits for your endeavors.*

The Princeton in Asia Fellowship focuses primarily on teaching, but also offers opportunities for Asia initiates in journalism, international development, and business.*

Far East for the Uninitiated

The Luce Fellowship may appeal to you if you have limited exposure to Asia but nevertheless wish to broaden your horizons by spending a year in an “immersive living and working experience” in one of a dozen Asian countries.

Science and Medicine

The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program will support you as your pursue biomedical research in a fast-track PhD program at Oxford or Cambridge.*

The Churchill Foundation Scholarship will pay for your year at Churchill College, Cambridge University, as you study for a master’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences.

The Pasteur Foundation Summer Internship Program invites you to Paris in the summertime to conduct research on infectious diseases at one of the world’s most cosmopolitan biomedical laboratories (J, S)

The Graduate Research Fellowship Program of the National Science Foundation aims to identify and support future leaders in the world of science and mathematics. Fellows, who must be pursuing research-based MS or PhD degree within the U.S., receive a generous annual stipend for three years as well as gold-plated opportunities for international research.

The National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship offers graduate fellowships, tenable for 3 years each, to students embarking on graduate study in one of fifteen supported disciplines, including biology, geology, computer science, and math. The 200 fellows each year are able to pursue the research agenda of their choice while in graduate school. Recipients incur no obligation to serve the military establishment upon completion of their studies.

The STEP-UP Program of the National Institutes of Health offers a full summer of hands-on research for undergraduates (including graduating seniors) thinking about a career in biomedical research. Participants choose a mentor within commuting distance of home; spend the summer doing research on diabetes or other forms of metabolic diseases; and then present their findings at a symposium at the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Open to first-generation college students; students from financially struggling families; students with disabilities; and students from racial, ethnic, cultural or geographic groups underrepresented in the sciences.*

The GEM Fellowship Program encourages African American, Hispanic, and American Indian students to pursue a PhD in the sciences (or a master’s degree in engineering) by offering full scholarships and stipend support at participating universities, as well as guaranteed summer internships at some of the nation’s top corporate and government employers.*

The Hertz Foundation Fellowship offers support worth more than $30,000 per year to graduate students beginning work towards a PhD in any of the applied sciences (including biology, mathematics, and statistics).*

The UM-SMART Undergrad Summer Program seeks to expose undergraduates (including graduating seniors) to the reality of biomedical research. Participants join faculty at the University of Michigan in their laboratory experiments; watch accomplished scientists present their research; shadow physicians making their rounds; and prepare for the MCAT. Stipend and housing included. Open to students from financially struggling families; students with disabilities; and students from racial, ethnic, cultural or geographic groups underrepresented in the sciences.* 

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program at Virginia Commonwealth University is designed for undergraduates (including graduating seniors) and Postbacs who will bring new perspectives to the health professions – including first-generation college students; students from impoverished families; and students from racial groups or geographic regions underrepresented in the health care field.  The program includes courses in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology; learning skills and test-taking strategies; and private guidance about improving one’s chances for admission.  Stipend and housing included.*

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The Clinical Bioethics Fellowship Program of the National Institutes of Health offers a two-year immersion in bioethics to college graduates contemplating careers in law, medicine, or academia.  Fellows begin by taking coursework in the discipline of bioethics, attending in-patient rounds, learning statistics, and working on research projects; in their second year, fellows offer ethics consultations.* 


The Teach for America program gives you five weeks of intensive teacher training, then sends you off for two years to a school in a poor region of the U.S., where you will try to help the disadvantaged children there achieve as well as their better-off peers. Your salary will be the same as that of other beginning teachers in your district.*

The Madison Graduate Fellowship will support you for two years as you study for a master’s degree in American history or government. In exchange you must promise to teach history for two years at the high school level.

The Math for America Fellowship pays for your master’s degree in Mathematics Education and gives you abundant financial and moral support as you launch into your teaching career. You must agree to teach math for five years at the high school level.*

The Fulbright ETA (English Teach Assistant) Award will send you to teach English in one of many countries around the world, and will pay your way and support you while you’re there. You can use your free time to pursue a project of your choosing.

Teach for China will send you to teach English for two years in an underserved Chinese school. You will be paid enough to live at a standard commensurate with that of your rural neighbors.

The Teaching Assistant Program in France and the Teaching Assistant Program in Spain are sponsored by the respective Ministries of Education in these two neighboring countries. Each program recruits over 1400 North Americans every year to teach English part-time in K-12 schools. The work pays a modest stipend plus health insurance. To apply, you will need mere proficiency in French, or intermediate Spanish; experience working with youth is an advantage, of course.* (Soph., J, S)

The Japan Exchange & Teaching program takes you to Japan for a year or more, to assist in the teaching of English at the elementary through high school level. You get the chance to learn Japanese and earn more than a million yen for the year.*

The Teach and Learn in Korea program invites native English speakers to lead after-school English classes for children in the rural provinces. In exchange for your six- or twelve-month commitment, you get a stipend, insurance, airfare, and a free pass to the palaces in Seoul.*

The Princeton in Asia Fellowship offers over a hundred opportunities each year to teach English in Asian countries from Indonesia to Kazakhstan. You pay will be modest, but your workweek brief, so you will have time for cultural immersion and independent projects.*

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship offers a fast track into the teaching profession for those who have majored in science, mathematics, or engineering -- or overlapping fields such as economics. Fellows receive a $30,000 grant, admission to a master's program leading to teacher certification, direct experience in running a classroom, and help landing a job in a high-need school. In return, fellows are obligated to teach for three years in the state where they received their training.

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Idealistically Minded

The Echoing Green Fellowship will pay you a salary and health insurance, and provide you with abundant moral and technical support, as you try to launch your own organization that works for social betterment anywhere in the world.*

The Huntington Public Service Award* and the Simon Fellowship for Nobel Purpose both give cash grants to support you as you work for social betterment after college.

The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program invites you to join the fight against hunger by serving half a year in a community-based organization and half a year in a Washington-based agency or non-profit.*

The William J. Clinton Fellowship of the American India Foundation invites you to join the struggle for economic development in India by accepting a year-long assignment in an Indian NGO.*

The Princeton in Latin America Fellowship has ties with NGO’s throughout Latin America, allowing you to spend a year working for the good in Buenos Aires, Asuncion, or some other southerly locale. Fellows have, among other worthy endeavors, studied population trends, advocated for human rights, and fostered entrepreneurship at the village level.*

The NYC Service Fellowship invites you to help the City run its new volunteerism initiative. You will earn a real salary while supervising a cadre of volunteers and developing skills appropriate to government service.*

The Humanity in Action fellowship offers you a five-week intensive summer seminar in human rights in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, or Warsaw.*

The Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience gives college graduates the opportunity to volunteer for a year at one of thirty Pittsburgh non-profit agencies.  Participants enjoy group living in designated houses, a weekly leadership seminar, and weekend retreats.*

New Americans

The Soros Fellowship for New Americans will pay a good portion of your tuition and expenses in any graduate program. You must be a permanent resident, naturalized citizen, or child of naturalized citizens.*

Fine Arts

The Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship will send you abroad for a year to film your exotic documentary, paint your dream landscape, study your favorite architect, or pursue some other independent project in the arts.*

The Worldstudio Foundation gives cash grants to financially needy students who are working towards graduate degrees in fine arts or photography. (Minority status, if you can claim it, is a big plus here).*

The Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship pays for a year's residency in Paris for artists and musicians. During the year, fellows enroll in a French art school or music conservatory and complete a detailed project of their own devising.

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