Transfer Credit

Through Trinity College Dublin coursework, credit from advanced-standing examinations such as Advanced Placement or the Irish Leaving Certificate Higher Level Exams, or college coursework completed at an institution other than Trinity, Dual BA Program students will transfer up to 60 of the 124 points required for degree completion at Columbia University.

Students admitted to the Dual BA Program may transfer credit only from the institutions listed on their application for admission at the time the application is submitted. Coursework from institutions not listed on the application for admission will not be considered for transfer credit. Transcripts from all institutions previously attended must be listed on the application form and submitted to the School of General Studies. Failure to report and send transcripts from all schools previously attended is considered academic dishonesty and may result in disciplinary action including rescinding the offer of admissions.

In all cases, transfer credit from all previous coursework must be finalized within six months of matriculation. Students who wish to undertake additional academic experiences once enrolled in the Dual BA Program may only do so with the approval of the Columbia academic advisor. For additional information on transferring credits, please visit the Transfer Credit section of the School of General Studies website.

During the first two years of the Program, Trinity will send student transcripts to Columbia for transfer credit evaluation. On a semester-by-semester basis, students will receive an Entrance Credit Report (ECR) that details which of their Trinity courses have successfully transferred to Columbia. Students must earn a grade of 55 percent or higher in a module at Trinity to receive transfer credit towards the Columbia degree. Students can earn credit for fall, spring, and summer term courses. Spring School and Winter School courses, which are considered "mini" courses, are not transferable to Columbia.

Students will also receive a Core Requirement Checklist, which is compiled by advising deans. This Checklist will detail which of the core requirements have been satisfied by transfer credit.

Classroom hours are relatively similar at both Trinity and Columbia. Two (2) European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits are equal to one (1) Columbia credit (otherwise known as units or points), and Trinity students typically enroll in 60 ECTS credits per academic year.

GPA and Grade Conversion

A student’s Columbia GPA only factors into courses completed at Columbia. To determine an approximate GPA based on Trinity coursework, Dual BA Program students can use the Grade Conversion Chart below.

The following marking scheme applies in Trinity College Dublin:

Degree Classification Grade Percentage

First class Honors

I 70–100% 

Second class Honors, first division

II.1 60–69%

Second class Honors, second division

II.2 50–59%

Third class Honors

III 40–49%


F1 30–39%


F2 Below 29%

The marks noted above translate approximately to the following in the U.S. system:

Trinity Grade/Percentage Range U.S. Grade

90–100% (I)


80–89% (I)

70–79% (I)


67–69% (II.1)


64–66% (II.1)


60–63% (II.1)


57–59% (II.2)


54–56% (II.2)


50–53% (II.2)


40–49% (III)


Below 40% (F)


Students at Columbia are given both letter and numerical grades as follows:

A+ = 4.33

B+ = 3.33 C+ = 2.33 D = 1.00
A = 4.00

B = 3.00

C = 2.00 F = 0.00
A- = 3.67

B- = 2.67

C- = 1.67  

These grades are weighted for each class based upon the credit value.