Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures

The Dual BA Program between Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University offers students the opportunity to study Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures for those interested in cross-cultural understanding and global dialogue. This unique program explores multiple perspectives on Middle Eastern and European societies and their long interaction through the study of languages, history and culture. From year one, students study one European language and its history and culture (from French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, or Polish) and they start their one Middle Eastern Language (Arabic, Hebrew, or Turkish) in year two. During these two years, the history and culture of the Middle East from antiquity to the present is examined. Students develop their language skills throughout the four years and take an intensive language course in the summer between years two and three. In years three and four at Columbia, there are a number of possibilities for majors and specializations:

Students complete their Columbia major alongside the core curriculum and continue with their language studies. Students who choose Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies as their Columbia major can specialize in the Middle East, studying the cultures, ideas, and politics of this complex region of the world.  Students who choose Religion as their Columbia major will have the opportunity to pursue a broadly interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to the study of religion and to understand how religion contributes essentially to the arts, philosophy, law, and politics.  Students who choose to study History at Columbia will benefit from joining one of the leading centers of historical scholarship in the world, where the faculty are deeply committed to undergraduate education and all senior faculty teach undergraduate lectures and seminars.

The internship at the end of year three provides students with invaluable experience and necessary skills to bring to their career of choice. In the final year, a research project is undertaken that is co-supervised by Trinity and Columbia faculty and allows students to explore in-depth an area of interest.