Dual BA Program

Inaugurated in November 2017, the Dual BA Program between Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University builds upon the success of two preexisting international dual degree programs within the School of General Studies, and a long-standing exchange program partnership between both universities. The second transatlantic undergraduate program at Columbia University, the Dual BA Program builds upon previous partnerships in both Europe and Asia and serves as a model for future cooperative efforts between Columbia and international universities.

Columbia University

One of the world’s leading research centers, Columbia University in the City of New York offers a distinctive and distinguished learning environment. Columbia seeks to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to foster a campus community deeply engaged in understanding and addressing the complex global issues of our time through its mission of educating students to be both leading scholars and informed, engaged citizens. Founded in 1754 as King’s College, Columbia University is the fifth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States.

School of General Studies

Founded in 1947, in large part to accommodate the wave of veterans returning from World War II, the School of General Studies (GS) is the liberal arts college at Columbia created specifically for students with nontraditional backgrounds who seek a traditional education at an Ivy League university. At GS, nontraditional students include students who have interrupted their educations or who have never attended college before, those who can only attend part-time, and students enrolled in dual-degree programs including the Joint Program with List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Joint Bachelor's Degree Program with City University of Hong Kong, or the Dual BA Program with Sciences Po. GS students are fully academically integrated and take the same courses, with the same professors, as students in Columbia’s other undergraduate colleges.

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Trinity, founded in 1592, is Ireland’s premier university.

Trinity delivers world class education and employers worldwide hold Trinity graduates in high esteem.  Graduates include Nobel Prize winners in literature, science and medicine; presidents and world leaders; award-winning actors and film makers; internationally renowned poets and playwrights, entrepreneurs and business leaders. To study at Trinity is to become part of a global community of thinkers, creators, scientists, artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs from more than 150 different countries.

The vibrant social scene in the city and on campus ensures that students enjoy a unique university experience. Trinity's main campus of cobbled squares, historic buildings and green playing fields also includes state-of-the-art modern facilities for teaching and research and a Sports Centre with a climbing wall and swimming pool. Dedicated academic and pastoral support is provided throughout a student’s time at the University. Each incoming student is assigned a personal tutor, a member of faculty who provides advice and assistance with any issues, academic or otherwise.

As a leading university on the world stage, Trinity is recognized for academic excellence and a transformative student experience.

At Trinity, students are given the opportunity to work with and learn from global leaders in research, to benefit from their experience and networks. 

The Trinity Library is one of the world's greatest libraries, and some of the country's major research centers in fields such as the Arts and Humanities, Nanoscience, and Biomedical Sciences sit side by side with Trinity’s rich architectural and academic heritage.

As the only Irish member of the prestigious League of 22 European Research Universities (LERU), Trinity is committed to providing excellence in education and research. Trinity meets the highest standards in learning, innovation and independent critical enquiry.

Trinity is the leader in Europe for producing entrepreneurs, producing 232 entrepreneurs who have generated 212 companies, and raised capital of approximately $3.26 billion over twelve years (2006-18).