The Core

Columbia University's core requirements provide the foundation for a traditional liberal arts education, assuring that students develop critical skills in writing and quantitative reasoning while exposing them to a range of knowledge and disciplines. Flexibility within the Core allows students to choose from several different departments to fulfill specified requirements in science, literature, humanities, and social sciences, thereby encouraging students to explore new areas of inquiry and develop their intellectual interests.

Dual BA Program students will fulfill many of the core requirements through transfer classes from Trinity or results from international school leaving exams such as the Irish Leaving Certificate, the IB, UK A-Levels, or others. In most cases, students can expect to have completed at least the following requirements prior to matriculation at Columbia:

  • Humanities
  • Global Core (one course)
  • Social Sciences (two courses)
  • Quantitative Reasoning

To fulfill the Global Core requirements, students must submit Trinity College Dublin module syllabi to their Columbia advising dean for review and approval. Advisors will review syllabi twice per year, so students should submit these documents prior to the review dates, which are December 15 and June 15. Within seven days of the review dates, students will be individually notified of the outcome of the syllabi review and a list of approved global core courses will be posted to the Dual BA Program website. If a class was approved in a prior year, there is no guarantee that class will again be approved if the syllabus or instructor has changed.