Transatlantic Program and Euro-Africa Program

Transatlantic Program and Euro-Africa Program


Transatlantic Program

Located 45 minutes by high-speed rail from Paris, Reims, a Gallo-Roman city and the traditional site of the coronation of France’s kings, has a rich architectural legacy and is the capital of the Champagne-Ardenne region, world-renowned for its production of champagne. Students will benefit from an area focus on transatlantic studies focusing on the relations between Europe and North America, and receive support from tailor-made student services and an Anglophone campus with additional language instruction available.

Euro-Africa Program

In order to strengthen its academic ties with an ever-changing continent, Sciences Po inaugurated the Euro-Africa program in September 2011, welcoming 43 students from 15 different countries in the first incoming class. In September 2015, the program continued its evolution, moving from Paris to Reims where it now exists side-by-side with the Transatlantic program, allowing students from both cohorts to interact with and benefit from the experiences of their peers on campus.

Students in the Euro-Africa program follow an integrated academic track that includes the core courses common to all undergraduate students at Sciences Po, as well as specific language and social sciences courses designed around issues inherent to sub-Saharan Africa. As courses in the Euro-Africa program are taught in a mixture of French and English, students admitted to this program must be fully fluent in both languages.