Program Policies

Program Policies

Withdrawal from the Dual BA Program

All students enrolled in the Dual BA program are expected to make sufficient academic progress and to fulfill all academic obligations required by both institutions in order to obtain two diplomas.

In very rare circumstances, students enrolled in the Dual BA Program may seek to leave the Program to pursue alternative academic opportunities. Students who wish to leave the Dual BA program prior to completion are not automatically entitled to enter the undergraduate programs of either Columbia University or Sciences Po. Therefore, it is advised that students consult with their academic advisors at both Sciences Po and Columbia as early as possible.

Neither Columbia University nor Sciences Po guarantees the transferability of credits completed within the Dual BA program into another program offered by either institution.

Should a student decide to leave the Dual BA program to join Columbia University, he or she must resubmit an application for admission in accordance with all rules and regulations established by Columbia University’s Office of Admissions.

Because Sciences Po’s undergraduate curriculum mandates a compulsory third year abroad, a student who wishes to leave the Dual BA program to join the undergraduate program at Sciences Po must submit a formal petition to the Dean of Sciences Po’s Undergraduate College requesting the change by January 1 of their second year. Submitting a petition does not guarantee its acceptance.

Students in their second year who receive authorization to transfer into Sciences Po’s Undergraduate College must apply for the third year abroad via the traditional procedure followed by all second year students, but must wait until the following full academic year to do so. Prior to completion of their second year, these students must work with the Dean of the Undergraduate College to develop a project for the gap year.