Middle East and Mediterranean Program at Menton

Middle East and Mediterranean Program at Menton



As part of the multidisciplinary programme in the social sciences common to the entire Undergraduate College, students have the opportunity to focus on the political, geopolitical and economic issues of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Gulf countries on the Menton campus.

The curriculum is offered in both English and French and allows students to compare analytical perspectives and refine their reflection on this area of the world. Students are introduced to Arab-Islamic civilisation and religions in the Mediterranean area; study the history of the region's conflicts and the contemporary geopolitical challenges that shape it; and discover its future prospects, paying special attention to the development of Mediterranean Europe, the Arab world, Turkey, Israel and Iran.

In perfect complement to the academic offered on campus, several of the region’s languages are taught, including Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Persian and Hebrew. In addition, French as a Foreign Language is required for students who have not attained a B1-equivalent level in French.

With a regional specialization focused on the Middle East and Mediterranean, the Menton campus brings together international students from Europe, the Maghreb, the Middle East and the Gulf, as well as from the United States and Asia.