Housing in Menton

Housing in Menton

In France, there is a robust network of student residences owned either by the state or private companies, and these organizations are responsible for student services throughout the country. These services include student housing, grants, cultural and social opportunities, and study abroad resources. Sciences Po students reside in many different housing situations, and many in Menton have roommates during their first two years. Student housing is more limited in Menton than in other cities, but Sciences Po has a number of rooms reserved in student residences. As such, students are advised to apply for housing in Menton starting May 1st, as soon as they confirm their admission to the Dual BA Program.


Students in Menton have access to rooms in three different residences around the city (details below). These buildings offer rooms, which are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chairs, and closet. Please note that it is not possible to move into a student apartment after 5pm or on weekends; it is best to contact your residence directly prior to your arrival to schedule your move-in date and time.

Student Residences in Menton | Sample Rents



Included in Rent

Rent per month for one tenant
(12-month lease)

Villa Jasmin
(open only to women)
8 Promendade du Val de Menton

Single, double, or
triple rooms available

TV room,
shared kitchen


Maison Menton Plus
(open only to men)
Promenade de la mer

Single, double, or
triple rooms available

TV room,
shared kitchen


Applying for Housing

To apply for housing, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the Sciences Po Menton Housing website

  2. Housing applications must be received to logement.menton@sciencespo.fr by 1 May 2018. Housing applications can be found by visiting the Sciences Po Menton Housing website

  3. You will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to one month's rent with charges to the Menton council via bank transfer by 1 July 2018 to finalize your reservation.

  4. Deposits are non-refundable, even if you cancel your reservation.

  5. Supporting documents must be sent by 1 August 2018 to: Villa Jasmin - 8, promenade du Val de Menton - 06500 Menton. Supporting documents can be found by visiting the Sciences Po Menton Housing website.

  6.  Rooms in Villa Jasmin and Menton Plus will be available for move-in starting 25 August.

  7. Upon your arrival in Menton, you will be asked to provide a follow-up file to finalize your lease. Be sure to prepare all of these documents in advance to submit to the student residence administrators:

    • Two photographs

    • Copy of your passport and visa

Contact Information

Sciences Po College Universitaire de Menton
11 Place St Julien
06500 Menton, France
Email: info.mom@sciences-po.fr

Director: Bernard El Ghoul
Email:  Bernard.elghoul@sciencespo.fr

Associate Director:
Lamiss Azab
Email: lamiss.azab@sciencespo.fr
Tel. (33) 04 97 14 83 40