Frequently Asked Questions - Costs and Financial Aid

Housing can cost between €350-€600 a month depending on the student's campus and particular apartment amenities. A chart regarding cost-of-living expenses may be found on the Sciences Po website.

Regardless of nationality or parental income, students are entitled to a housing allowance (“aide au logement”) from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF), which amounts to a monthly subsidy to be used toward payment of rent.

Although there is no aid specifically designated for housing costs, funds received from financial aid—such as institutional grants or federal and/or private loans—may be used to pay housing costs.

Dual BA students will be charged the tuition rate of the institution they are currently attending. Students in the first two years of the program will be charged the Sciences Po tuition rate, while students in the final two years of the program will be charged the Columbia University tuition rate. For information on specific tuition rates of both institutions, visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Some scholarships specify that a student must attend a school in the United States for the scholarship to apply. In the cases of scholarships, you must look at the regulations and parameters of the scholarship to determine if it can apply to the Dual BA program. 

EU students may be eligible for some forms of financial aid. For more information on aid for EU students, visit the Sciences Po website.

Scholarships are available for non-EU students, including the Emile Boutmy scholarship. Additionally, the Social Aid Office administers several bursary programs. For more information on aid for non-EU students, visit the Sciences Po website.

Dual BA students may be eligible to receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, or work-study. Financial aid may come from GS, federal and/or state governments, or private sources. For more information, see the Types of Aid page.