Extracurriculars at Sciences Po

Extracurriculars at Sciences Po

Dual BA Program students will have the opportunity to participate in arts, cultural, sports, and other diverse types of clubs. Some current examples of student activity opportunities include: arts (cinema, concerts, dance, music, open mic, theatre outings), cultural exchange groups, debate societies, newspaper, sports competition, and sports practice (basketball, bowling, boxing, cycling, equestrian, gold, tennis, soccer, swimming, tennis, yoga, and others).

Students at Sciences Po are encouraged to create and organize new associations, clubs, conferences, and seminars to engage with their fellow students and enrich the campus community.

Several organizations and events are available to students wishing to connect with students from other Sciences Po campuses. The Mini Crit/Collégiades is an annual intercampus sporting and arts competition that brings together the seven campuses of Sciences Po, and the Critérium is an inter-IEP (Institut d'Études Politiques) sporting competition.

For more information about organizations and events for each Dual BA Program campus, please click the links below:

Le Havre