Sciences Po

Advising during the first two years of the Dual BA Program is provided through Sciences Po's Centre for the Americas as well as on each regional campus. For more information, see the appropriate regional campus  website:


While attending Sciences Po, students in the Dual BA Program will have regular contact with their advisor at Columbia. After arriving on campus for the second phase of the Dual BA program, students will continue working with the same advisor though the Office of the Dean of Students of the School of General Studies. Your advisor serves as your primary administrative link to GS throughout your time at Columbia, providing guidance on University as well as GS-specific policies and procedures.

Upon declaring a major, students are assigned faculty advisors within their major department who assume responsibility for advising students about courses and requirements for the major. Faculty advisors in departments are also available to students completing concentrations in that discipline or program. Each academic department and program at Columbia has a designated director of undergraduate studies (DUS), who is available for consultation about majors, concentrations, and their requirements.