Administrative Registration

Administrative Registration

By submitting your Acceptance Reply Form and tuition deposit no later than May 1, 2017, you will be sent additional information to begin the administrative registration process for Sciences Po shortly thereafter. Administrative registration is a process that all students must complete prior to their arrival on campus, and serves as a pre-requisite to academic registration. Students are assigned a deadline by which they should complete their academic registration, and are advised that it is important to meet this deadline in order to ensure timely processing of their documents.

Administrative Registration

Step 1: Updating the Application 

In this step, students confirm and update their personal and emergency contact information.

Step 2: Calculate Tuition fees and Related Expenses

Students who are not eligible for sliding-scale tuition should select the box that notes: “I do not declare my revenue and will pay the maximum fees.” In this step, students will also register for French national health insurance. Those who have never before lived in France should leave the social security number field blank; U.S. citizens should not enter their U.S. social security number.

Step 3: Payment 

Students may choose immediately whether to pay their full year’s tuition in full using a credit card, or whether they prefer to pay in four installments over the course of the year. Students who wish to pay in installments will need a French bank account in order to set up this payment plan. Because the first debit does not take place until Sept. 5, students may choose this option before opening their bank account, and add in their routing information upon their arrival in France.

Step 4: Supplementary Information  

For students coming from outside of France, there is often confusion with completing the fourth step of the administrative registration process, as this step deals with statistical data required by the French government. Students who have not earned a French Baccalauréat, either within or outside of France, will not have an INE code or a Baccalauréat Serial Number, so they should leave these two items blank. For the question “Educational Situation Last Year,” students must choose “Etablissement étranger” if they attended a school other than a French lycée, regardless of location. For the question “Type of Diploma Last Obtained,” students must choose “Diplôme d’étranger” if they attended a school from which they did not obtain a French Baccalauréat, regardless of location.

When students are prompted to send in their documents showing proof of graduation, they should make sure only to send photocopies of these documents, not the originals.

For more information on the administrative registration process, including a step-by-step guide please visit the Sciences Po website