Academic Program

Academic Program

Dual BA Program students will earn a Bachelor of Social Science from Sciences Po, and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University. Below is an overview of the academic program students will follow to obtain their degrees.

Year 1

  • Students arrive at Sciences Po’s Paris campus to participate in the Welcome Program prior to the start of classes, including special sessions for Dual BA Program participants only.
  • Students continue on to their campus of study and meet with the academic and administrative leadership on their campus for orientation and advising matters.
  • Students begin classes following the curriculum and requirements established for the Collège Universitaire.

Year 2

  • Students will complete advising prior to the start of classes in order to determine how to best select elective courses based on their predicted choice of major at Columbia.
  • Students complete their Collège Universitaire core and elective requirements at their campus.

Year 3

  • Students arrive at Columbia and receive their Entrance Credit Report (ECR), which lists their transfer credits.
  • Students meet with their advisors and learn which of the core requirements have been fulfilled by their Sciences Po coursework.
  • Students declare a major and meet with their department’s director of undergraduate studies to determine which major requirements have been fulfilled by their Sciences Po coursework.
  • Students begin classes, working toward meeting core and major requirements not fulfilled by transfer credit.

Year 4

  • Students complete their core and major requirements and participate in the Class Day and Commencement graduation ceremonies at Columbia.