About the 3A Entry Process

About the 3A Entry Process

All Dual BA Program students, regardless of whether they are admitted through the first-year application process or through the 3A Entry process, may transfer up to the equivalent of 60 Columbia University points (credits) from Sciences Po (or other eligible university-level coursework) toward the fulfillment of the Columbia undergraduate degree program. Students may choose from any one of more than 80 majors offered, and will spend their two years at Columbia completing core, major, and elective requirements.

By enrolling in the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry, students are demonstrating their commitment to complete both years at Columbia. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded two bachelor's degrees, one each from Sciences Po and Columbia University, and like all Sciences Po alumni, are guaranteed admission to a master's program at Sciences Po.

Transitioning to Columbia

Students admitted through the Dual BA 3A Entry process will receive extensive support from the School of General Studies in their transition to Columbia University. For more information, visit the Student Life section.

Academic Advising

Students admitted to the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry process will be assigned an academic advisor from the School of General Studies in the spring of the second year at Sciences Po. The academic advisor provides support to newly-admitted students, both by guiding them in their transition to Columbia and in helping them navigate the completion of Columbia's undergraduate degree requirements.

Upon declaring a major at Columbia, students are assigned faculty advisors within their major department who assume responsibility for advising students about courses and requirements for the major. Faculty advisors are also available to students completing concentrations in a particular discipline or program. Each academic department and program at Columbia has a designated Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), who is available for consultation about majors, concentrations, and their requirements.


All Dual BA Program students are guaranteed housing at Columbia when making the transition from France to New York in their third year. Students who initially choose not to take advantage of University housing will not be guaranteed placement at a later date. For more information, visit the Housing at Columbia University page.

Tuition and Financial Aid

During their two years of study at Columbia, Dual BA Program students will pay Columbia University tuition and fees. All Dual BA Program students are eliglible to apply for financial aid at Columbia, consistent with all other students at the School of General Studies. For more information about financial aid, visit the Types of Aid page.