Scholarship Endowment

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Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship endowments to fully fund a GS student begin at $250,000. Endowed gifts of $100,000 will provide partial funding for a student. All endowment gifts are payable over five years.

Students are assigned to endowed scholarships. Donors will have the opportunity to meet their student or students at the Annual GS Scholarship Dinner and on other occasions.

Currently Endowed Scholarships

Stephen Ades Memorial Scholarship
Benefactor: Richard D. Ades, Esq.

Dante Alighieri Scholarship
Benefactors: Gifts of various donors

Bertha Baer Scholarship
Benefactor: Anonymous

George B. Bernheim Scholarship
Benefactors: Dr. Alice I. Bernheim (deceased)
Dr. Frederick Bernheim (deceased)
Mr. Phillip G. Bernheim (deceased)
Mr. Richard Bernheim

Clayton A. Blaylock Memorial Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Albert J. Blaylock
Mr. Brandon A. Blaylock

Peter K. Bloch Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Peter K. Bloch (deceased)

Robert Bradbury Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradbury

John J. Brown, Jr. Scholarship
Benefactor: Ms. Susan Kay Feagin

Eli and Adam Casdin Scholarship
Benefactors: Casdin Family Foundation

George A. Christie Memorial Scholarship
Benefactors: Mrs. George A. Christie
Mr. Stuart A. Christie
Gifts of various donors

John Claflin Scholarship
Benefactors: Dr. Juan Jacobo de Lara (deceased) and Mrs. Jonne Low de Lara (deceased)

The Clark Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: The Clark Foundation, Charles H. Hamilton, Executive Director

Class of 2002 Scholarship
Benefactors: Anonymous gift
Class of 2002

Clavey-Martin Scholarship (new scholarship)
Benefactors: Mr. Westley M. Clavey, Jr. and Mrs. Phyllis M. Martin

Jess Cloud Scholarship
Benefactor: Mrs. Sara Cloud

The Sheila D. Creth Scholarship
Benefactor: Mrs. Sheila Creth

Tobe C. Davis Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Tobe C. Davis

The de Lara Foundation Scholarship
Benefactors: Dr. Juan Jacobo de Lara (deceased) and Mrs. Jonne Low de Lara (deceased)
The de Lara Foundation, Ms. Angela Dulce de Lara, President

Ward H. Dennis Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Stephen R. Adelman
Mr. Arthur G. Altschul (deceased)
Mr. Malcolm A. Borg
Ms. Jean Marckwald Chapin
Mrs. Amarie Dennis
Mrs. Patricia Dunnington
Mr. and Mrs. William Evarts
Ms. Susan K. Feagin
Mrs. Bruce A. Gimbel
Mrs. Lillian J. Helwig
Mrs. Ruth R. Hettleman (deceased)
Mr. Manuel Hurtado
Estate of Carl C. Jensen
Mrs. Jacqueline Kinsolving
Dr. Eugene S. Krauss
Mr. and Mrs. Roswell B. Perkins
Mr. Alan Sagner
Mr. Alfred J. Seaman, Jr.

Florence B. Doniger Scholarship
Benefactor: Mrs. Judith D. Lipsey

John Elting Veteran’s Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. John W. Elting

Susan Kay Feagin Scholarship
Benefactor: Ms. Susan Kay Feagin

Ford Motor Company/U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Scholarship
Benefactor: Ford Motor Company/EEOC

Whitey Ford Scholarship
Benefactor: Roger W. Kirby, Esq.

The Angelita Garcia Campos Endowed Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. Desmond FitzGerald

General Motors/EEOC Scholarship
Benefactor: General Motors Corp./EEOC

General Studies Student Aid Fund
Benefactor: Anonymous

Beatrice W. Gilbert Scholarship
Benefactor: Anonymous

Arnold Goldstein Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Judith Goldstein

GS Alumni Association Scholarship
Benefactors: Various donors
GS Alumni Association: Irving M. (Peter) Day, Alumni Board Representative

GS International Students Scholarship
Benefactor: Anonymous

Hammer Family Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Neil R. Hammer

Prof. C. Lowell Harriss Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Paul Croitoroo
Honoree: Prof. C. Lowell Harriss

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: The William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Mr. Robert M. Frehse, Jr., Executive Director

Hebrew Scholarship
Benefactors: OSG Foundation
Mr. Raphael Recanati (deceased)

Hettena Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Ran Hettena (deceased)
Mrs. Shirley Hettena

Merle M. Hoover Scholarship
Benefactor: Anonymous

Abram Jaffe Endowed Scholarship Fund
Benefactor: Dr. Rinaldo H. Toporovsky

Olga H. Knoepke Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Olga H. Knoepke

Larry J. Lawrence Scholarship
Benefactor: Larry J. Lawrence

Harold F. Linder Scholarship
Benefactors: Ms. Susan E. Linder
Olive Bridge Fund
Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel L. Steiner

Merrill and Judith D. Lipsey Scholarship
Benefactors: Dr. Merrill Lipsey (deceased)
Mrs. Judith D. Lipsey

Lipsey Scholarship Fund
Benefactor: Mrs. Judith D. Lipsey

Jean Louis-Dreyfus Scholarship
Benefactor: Leopold Alain Meyer

Dr. Nicholas R. Locascio Scholarship
Benefactor: Dr. Nicholas R. Locascio (deceased)

John Lyon Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of John H. H. Lyon

Helen and Howard R. Marraro Scholarship
Benefactors: Estate of Howard R. Marraro
Dr. Howard W. Marraro, Jr.
Ms. Helen M. Abdoo

Prof. Ilse S. Mintz Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Dietrich Weismann
Honoree: Prof. Ilse S. Mintz (deceased)

Fannie and Ezra Mintz Scholarship for Economics
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Mintz

Barbara Moss Scholarship
Benefactors: Various donors
Honoree: Ms. Barbara Moss

Prof. Lloyd Motz Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. David Genero
Mr. John Menke
Mr. Ezra Mintz
Mrs. Lloyd Motz
Dr. Robin Motz
Mr. Stephen Ollendorff
Gifts of various donors
Honoree: Dr. Lloyd Motz

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, Ms. Janet A. Fearon, Executive Director

North Jersey Media Group Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. Borg

John A. Northcott Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. John Northcott (deceased)
Mrs.Winifred Northcott (deceased)

Joey O'Loughlin Scholarship
Benefactor: Ms. Joey O'Loughlin

Blanche Wittes Osherov Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Blanche Wittes Osherov

Marshall L. Page Scholarship
Benefactor: Anonymous

Harold E. Pagliaro Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Stewart R. Mott
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Honoree: Dr. Harold E. Pagliaro, Ph.D.

Lily Parker Scholarship
Benefactors: Mrs. Ellery Catherine Huntington, Jr.
Mr. Irving Ruckens (deceased)
Mrs. Irving Ruckens

Generoso Pope Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Fortune R. Pope

Joseph and Norma Preziosi Endowed Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Denis Preziosi

Barbara Seward Price Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. John P. Seward, Jr. (deceased)

Renaissance Fund
Benefactor: Renaissance of Italian Youth, Inc.

Theresa “Ginger” Risco Scholarship
Benefactors: William A. Nelson, Ph.D.
Family and friends of Theresa “Ginger” Risco

Mabel L. Robinson Scholarship
Benefactor: Ms. Helen Hull (deceased)

The Arthur Ross Foundation Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Arthur Ross
The Arthur Ross Foundation, Ms. Gail Lloyd, Executive Director

The Helena Rubinstein Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: Helena Rubinstein Foundation, Ms. Diane Moss, President

The Sagner Family Foundation Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Alan Sagner
Sagner Family Foundation, Ms. Deborah Sagner-Buurma, President

Dr. Jay S. Schulman Scholarship
Benefactor: Dr. Jay Schulman (deceased)

Mary Seaman Memorial Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Alfred J. Seaman, Jr.

Gregory M. Shaw Scholarship
Benefactor: Gregory M. Shaw; Esq.

Thomas D. Storie Memorial Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Thomas D. Storie

Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Scholarship
Benefactor: Estate of Judith L. Stronach

Kevin J. and Edith V. Sullivan Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. Kevin J. Sullivan and Dr. Edith V. Sullivan

Surdna Foundation Scholarship
Benefactor: Surdna Foundation, Mr. Edward Skloot, Executive Director

Tiro a Segno Scholarship in Italian Studies
Benefactor: The Tiro a Segno Foundation

Eleanor Schley Todd Scholarship
Benefactors: Ms. Frances Starr Todd
Ms. Christine Todd Whitman

Vidda Foundation Scholarship
Benefactors: The Vidda Foundation, Mr. Gerald E. Rupp, Chairman
Mrs. Helen C. Evarts

Aaron W. Warner Scholarship
Benefactors: Mrs. Mary Craigmyle
Mrs. Jonne Low de Lara (deceased)
Mr. and Mrs. William Evarts
Mrs. Bruce A. Gimbel
Mr. Ran Hettena (deceased)
Mrs. Shirley Hettena
Mrs. Ruth R. Hettleman (deceased)
Ms. Anna Kisselgoff
Mrs. Judith D. Lipsey
Mr. and Mrs. Roswell B. Perkins
Honoree: Dean Aaron W. Warner (deceased)

Stephanie White-Trivas Scholarship
Benefactor: Stephanie White-Trivas

Maxwell Zabelle Memorial Scholarship
Benefactor: Mrs. Blanche Gould

New Scholarships Building Toward Endowment

Eric Foster Bam Endowed Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Eric Foster Bam

J. Richard Debart Endowed Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. J. Richard deBart, Jr.

David Gasner Endowed Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. David Gasner

The Jacqueline W. Kinsolving Scholarship
Benefactors: Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Kinsolving

Gillian Lindt Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Mark Gollin

Edward P. Merkle Scholarship
Benefactor: Mr. Michael R. Margitich