Press Coverage: 2018

Press Coverage: 2018

Press coverage of the School of General Studies, GS students, and GS alumni. For more information, please contact us.

Dec. 18 

Daughter of Harlem Teaches Local Young Women to Record and Produce Their Own Music
(Columbia News) 

Dec. 14 In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom by Yeonmi Park with Maryanna Vollers 
(The Objective Standard)
Dec. 6 48 Hours in Syria
Dec. 5 Gift Of Life Bone Marrow Registry Delivers Holiday Miracle For Family
(CBS New York)
Nov. 28 Leap of Faith
(Columbia Magazine)
Nov. 26 2-5: "The Results Driver" - Nathalie Molina Niño
(The Looking Glass)
Nov. 19 

Artistry Shines at Columbia Ballet Collaborative Fall Performance 
(Columbia Spectator) 

Nov. 19 Everybody loves Gale
(City & State New York)
Nov. 12 Portrait of a Marriage, Onstage and at the Barricades
(New York Times)
Nov. 2 What’s on the Back of the Ballot in New York City? 3 Ways to Tweak Democracy
(New York Times)
Oct. 31 Blockchain Tech is New Hot Topic for Universities Around the World
(Big Think) 
Oct. 30 The New York Film Festival Shining a Spotlight on the Raw Reality of Israel
Oct. 30 Jacques Pepin on his New England life
(Boston Globe)
Oct. 21 Troll Watch: Why Veterans Are Targeted By Spreaders Of Misinformation
Oct. 18 VA and Congress aren't fighting fake news targeting vets
(The Hill)
Oct. 11 Natural Tampon Brand, Athena Club, Gets Women To Rethink Their Periods
Oct. 2 How People Are Smuggling Forbidden Movies And TV Shows Into North Korea
(A Plus)
Sept. 17 Julia Bacha, GS ’03, tells of the First Intifada in her new film “Naila and the Uprising”
(Columbia Spectator)
Sept. 13 How This Veteran Overcame Obstacles To Go From Iraq To The Ivy League
Sept. 12 Student vet enrollment spikes at Ivy League schools
(Military Times)
Sept. 6

Juliette Powell's 'Data' with Destiny
(Columbia Data Science Institute) 

Sept. 6 Modeling in the #TimesUp Era
(NY Times)
Aug. 30 Trinity Welcomes First Students for Columbia Dual Degree
(University Times)
Aug. 30 Welcome to the inaugural cohort of Trinity/Columbia Dual BA students!
(Trinity News and Events)
Aug. 28 Nathalie Molina Niño Forges A New Future For Women Entrepreneurs
Aug. 20 This woman escaped North Korea at 13 — these are her lessons on perseverance
Aug. 16 Why the Fashion World Needs to Commit to an 18+ Modeling Standard
Aug. 7 I Didn't Realise I was Homeless
BBC World Service
Aug. 1 Arts+ at Duke: Anne-Maria Makhulu
(Duke University News)
July 30 Dublin High School Alum Hania Guiagoussou on Combining Computer + Political Science at Sciences Po + Columbia
July 23 Julia Bacha: From International Student to Filmmaker
(Columbia University School of Professional Studies)
July 23 Middle Schooler's Organize Feminist Club, and Film Naila and the Uprising at JFF
(94.1 KPFA)
July 19 Report Finds Surprisingly High Rate of Slavery in Developed Countries
(New York Times)
July 16 Studying Abroad: Dublin High School’s Leesa Ko Pursues a Dual BA at Columbia University and the Paris Institute of Political Studies
July 11 Passing the Torch: Michael Novak with Susan Yung
(The Brooklyn Rail)
June 26 Category Is … Filmmaker Realness
(New York Times)
June 20 Back-to-School Boot Camp
(The Eagle)
June 10 North Korean Defector: "They Don't Know They Are Slaves"
(Real Clear Politics)
June 8 Anna Troy to play Java Joe’s while back in San Diego
(San Diego Community News Group)
June 5 'Pose,' 'My House' and The Need For Chosen Family
June 4 Varied Models in Global Education
(Inside Higher Ed)
May 31 Clearing the Stage for a Big Graduation Number at City Ballet
(New York Times)
May 26 Seven GS Graduates on their Journeys to Class Day
(Columbia Spectator)
May 25 “My world view has been entirely shaken”
(SciencesPo News)
May 25 Michael Novak to Lead Paul Taylor Dance Foundation
(Art Forum)
May 22 Can The Model Alliance Respect Programme Make A Difference? 
May 19 Sheikh Jarrah: A Tale of Eviction and Resettlement
May 18 Models band together to fight sexual misconduct
(Vogue Australia)
May 18 'Silicon Valley' EP Clay Tarver To Adapt 'My War' For Amazon Studios
May 18 Paul Taylor Chooses a Successor
(New York Times)
May 17 Models Create a Program to Stop Sexual Harassment In the Fashion Industry
May 17 Bronx woman's prison to Ivy League journey a first under new program
(Spectrum News/NY1)
May 16 Senior Profile: Natasja Naarendorp, GS
(Columbia Spectator)
May 16 Olympic skater encourages students to embrace uncertainty at GS Class Day ceremony
(Columbia Spectator)
May 15 Dominicana sale de la cárcel y se gradúa en Columbia University
(El Diario)
May 14 Senior Profile: Pawel Maslag, GS ’18
(Columbia Spectator)
May 14 Senior Profile: Lipa Schmeltzer, GS ’18
(Columbia Spectator)
May 14 Estuvo en prisión y se graduó de la Universidad de Columbia
May 11 ‘Dream Come True:’ Bronx Mother’s Inspiring Journey From Prison To Ivy League
(CBS New York)
May 11 Después de estar en prisión y superar varias barreras, esta madre hispana logra graduarse de la universidad
May 9 From Formerly Incarcerated to Ivy League Graduate
(Columbia News)
May 9 Senior Wisdom: Alissa Kruidenier
May 7

Former refugee begins career at UN
(American River Current)

May 5

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-con set to graduate from Columbia University inspires her son to apply to college
(NY Daily News)

May 5 Fleeing native Iran, a would-be convert to Judaism gets new start in NYC
(Times of Israel)
May 5

Balancing human rights with peacebuilding efforts in North Korea
(Catholic News Agency)

May 3

Inter-Korean Peace Through The Eyes of a North Korean Defector

May 2 Senior Wisdom: Justice Betty

May 1

Recall and Regress
(The War Horse)
May 1 Senior Wisdom: Ben Gersten

April 30

The Man Making Hasidic Music Pop
(Great Big Story)

April 26

Playing with Science at BAM, with Sasha Cohen & Neil deGrasse Tyson
(WBEZ 91.5Chicago)

April 26

Inside Tory Burch's Embrace Ambition Summit
(Town & Country Magazine)

April 25 ‘My House’ Highlights The Modern Ballroom Scene Post-‘Paris Is Burning’
April 24

Choreographers innovate at Columbia Ballet Collaborative Spring Performance
(Columbia Spectator)

April 19

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) Welcomes New Board Member

April 16 Justice in Education Scholars Receive 2018 Change Agent Award
(Center for Justice at Columbia University)
April 15

Columbia University offers scholarships to Syrians, despite travel ban
(Daily News)

April 6

Rachel Comey Hosts a Candid Conversation With the Model Alliance's Sara Ziff and Karen Elson

April 5

Men in Hollywood Talk Time's Up: "We Have to Listen to the Point That We Hear"
(The Hollywood Reporter)

April 4

An Ivy Degree, With an Irish Twist
(Inside Higher Ed)


“The Whole World Is Watching”: An Oral History of the 1968 Columbia Uprising
(Vanity Fair)


March 30

A Life In Bass: An Interview With Tony Senatore
(No Treble)
March 26

Model Alliance Founder Sara Ziff Details Initiatives to Promote Fair Treatment

March 23 Performance or Potential: What World-Class Universities look for
(SciencesPo News)
March 23

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park speaks at CNU
(WTKR News)

March 22

North Korean defector, activist Yeonmi Park to speak at CNU
(Daily Press)


March 22

Viceland Drops Trailer For New Queer Ballroom Scene Docuseries 'My House': Watch

March 11

Caring for my three-legged dog cured my depression: veteran
(New York Post)

March 10

Eric Shawn reports: A North Korean escapee's advice
(Fox News)

March 8

Claudia Rankine leads debate on issues of race and whiteness at University Life event
(Columbia Spectator)

March 7 

The Future of Fleet Foxes
(Jackson Free Press)


March 5

From Combat to Classroom
(Nation Swell)

Feb. 26

Yeonmi Park’s long journey from North Korea to Chicago
(NBC News)

Feb. 24

Sasha Cohen: An Olympian’s Guide to Retiring at 25
(New York Times)


Feb. 24

Conversaciones con un desertor de Corea del Norte
(El Mundo)


Feb. 21

Warren Buffett inspired my journey to Wall Street: Olympic figure skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen
Feb. 19

Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University to offer dual degrees
(The Pie News)

Feb. 16

Trinity College Dublin to offer degrees in conjunction with US university
(The Irish Times)

Feb. 16 Trinity College announces partnership degrees with US university
(Irish Examiner)
Feb. 9

How Sasha Cohen, Former Olympic Figure Skater, Spends Her Sundays
(New York Times)

Feb. 7

Figure Skating Physics, with Olympic Medalist Sasha Cohen
(StarTalk Radio)

Feb. 3

Jewish Olympian Sasha Cohen Is Living Her Best Life Now