Undergraduates interested in a career in health care should notify their GS advisors as soon as possible, because coursework required for medical, dental, or veterinary school may need to be started soon after matriculation. Students considering a premedical or prehealth track should consult with their undergraduate advisors and attend information meetings sponsored by the Premedical Committee. Students should consult the Premedical Handbook for additional information. 


All undergraduate premed and prehealth students are assigned a premedical advisor after they have notified their undergraduate advisors of their desire to follow this academic and career track. The premedical advisor provides guidance and support relevant to the premedical curriculum as well as application process. Premedical advising is also provided to GS alumni by the advisors in the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Office.


GS sends a twice-weekly newsletter to undergraduate premedical students. Students will begin receiving this newsletter upon their declaration of a premedical track.