Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Since learning extends beyond the classroom, Columbia University encourages students to become involved in programs and activities that enhance their educational experience and personal growth. A wide range of student organizations address both personal and professional interests in the arts, politics, identity, culture, sports and recreation, religion, and many more, all of which provide opportunities to enrich student life, the Columbia community, and Columbia's New York City neighbors.

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The Premedical Association (PMA)

The Premedical Association (PMA) is made up of Postbac Premed Program and undergraduate premed students and works closely with premedical advisors to build a supportive community through professional, clinical, community service and fundraising projects, and social opportunities that enhance the student experience in the program. From the laboratory to the library, the PMA is a dynamic organization that responds to the changing needs of students each year.

Among the PMA’s most popular events is the annual Medical School Fair, which typically brings admissions representatives from more than 20 medical, dental, and veterinary medical schools to campus, giving students the opportunity to learn about the strengths of the schools directly from their deans and directors of admissions.

Facebook: ColumbiaPMA

Premedical Association (PMA) Auxiliary Groups

Currently, the PMA has several auxiliary groups that align with particular medical interests and scope.

The American Medical Womens Association (AMWA) aims to promote women in medicine, connect students to professionals in the field, and advocate for women health issues.

The Columbia Society for Medical Humanities (CSMH) is committed to providing the Columbia community with a public forum focused at the intersection of medicine and the humanities.
Facebook: Columbia Society for Medical Humanities

Crafting for a Cause: A Wellness Initiative serves to promote wellness through crafting by providing students with a creative outlet to de-stress as well as community outreach opportunities.

The Emergency Medicine Club aims to enhance Postbaccalaureate Premedical students’ knowledge about the field of emergency medicine.

Integrative Medicine focuses on how to combine healing systems such as nutrition, mindfulness, and ancient traditional medicines with biomedicine in order to heal the whole rather than individual parts of the self.
acebook: Columbia Integrative Medicine Club

The Psychiatry, Neurology, and Neuropsychiatry Club (PNN) is dedicated to promoting the discussion of topics related to mental health and brain studies.
Facebook: Columbia University PNN Club

The Queer Health Alliance aims to provide a community for queer and allied premedical students at Columbia where they can share experiences, discuss relevant issues (such as LGBTQ Health issues and disparities), and build a network.
Facebook: Columbia University's Queer Health Alliance

Social Justice Medicine (SJM) is an organization that works to establish a foundational knowledge of social justice medicine among premedical students through classroom-based and experiential learning opportunities.
Facebook: Columbia - Social Justice Medicine

The Surgical Society was founded to introduce pre-medical students to lectures, programs, and discussions to nurture an interest for those considering a career in surgery.
Facebook: Columbia PMA Surgical Society

Yoga Club is a safe space for students to relieve stress and explore kinesthetic awareness through the physical, spiritual, and meditative practice of yoga.
Facebook: Columbia PMA Yoga Club

Forming New Auxiliary Groups
Students interested in forming new auxiliary groups under the PMA should contact the current board members to inquire on processes and requirements for gaining recognition.

GS-Focused Student Organizations

GS Student Life advises student organizations that support all students in the GS community. These groups include:

Arts Collective (ArtC)
ArtC is a student organization, recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia, dedicated to providing spaces for artistic expression.

Columbia University Family Support Network (CUFSN)
CUFSN is a student organization, recognized by the Student Governing Board, dedicated to meeting the needs of students in GS and across the university, with families. They work to provide resources and develop family-friendly programming.

The Food Pantry at Columbia
The Food Pantry at Columbia envisions a campus in which every student, regardless of their affiliation or socioeconomic status, has sufficient access to nutritious food. The mission of the Food Bank is to relieve hunger through the acquisition and distribution of food to those students who most need it and to lead our campus community in the fight against hunger.
Facebook: The Food Pantry at Columbia

Green Owls
Green Owls are an intercollegiate community of students and non-students, founded at the School of General Studies at Columbia University who are inspired to more deeply understand and shape long-term relationships between Earth and all of its inhabitants. Through consensus-based dialogue, Green Owls creates spaces for cultural exchange, sharing wisdom, fostering collective reassurance, and collaborating with the wider community on Sustainable Columbia initiatives and beyond.

GS Alliance
GS Alliance is a student organization, recognized by the Student Governing Board, dedicated to the advancement of education and advocacy regarding issues of special interest to the LGBTQA community and its allies.

Koreans in GS (KIGS)
KIGS is a student organization, recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia, dedicated to building community among Korean students at GS.

U.S. Military Veterans of Columbia University (MilVets)
MilVets is a student organization, recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia, dedicated to serving the needs of military veterans and their families on campus.

Student of Color Alliance (S.O.C.A.)
S.O.C.A. is an unrecognized student group dedicated to providing a space to discuss issues affecting GS students of color.

University-Wide Student Organizations

Columbia University has over 500 student organizations that are open to students in all four undergraduate schools.

To learn more about student groups on campus, visit LionLink to search for student organizations, check out member rosters, view a calendar of upcoming student group events, and more.

Club Sports and Intramurals

Club Sports at Columbia University is home to 36 student-run recreational and sports organizations. Students with a common interest in recreation and sports organize these Club Sports to collectively pursue their passions.

The Columbia Intramural Program provides Dodge Fitness Center members with opportunities to participate in competitive leagues and tournaments in a variety of team and individual sports and activities.

Columbia University Activities Day

Activities Day is a special event where students have the opportunity to meet student leaders from over 500 clubs and organizations, including club sports, community service groups, cultural organizations, performing arts groups, religious and spiritual groups, political and activist organizations, pre-professional and recreational organizations, sororities, fraternities, and student government, to name but a few. Student organizations and clubs fill College Walk, Low Plaza, and Butler Plaza with colorful banners, information for prospective new members, and giveaways for interested students. Activities Day is held during the first week of classes of the fall semester.

Student activities at Columbia University are primarily created and managed by students. Student events are hosted both on-campus, at Lerner Hall, the Columbia University Student Center, and off-campus.