Recommendation Submission

Recommendation Submission

Premedical and Predental Students

If students have provided their contact information in their internal application account, referees will be able to upload their reference letters to the account. Ultimately, letters in the file will be attached to the committee letter of recommendation and submitted through the respective application service whenever applicable (AMCAS, AADSAS, etc.).

Note: Students may not submit letters directly to the Postbac Premed Program Office even if they are signed and sealed. Letters hand-delivered or mailed by students will be discarded.

Mailed Letters

If referees choose to submit their letters by regular mail, students should provide them with pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for this purpose. Students should not provide their own return address on these envelopes.

Letters, accompanied by waiver forms, should be mailed to:

Columbia University Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program
404 Lewisohn Hall, Mail Code 4109
2970 Broadway Avenue
New York, NY 10027

E-mailed Letters

Referees are welcome to submit letters (signed and on letterhead in PDF format and accompanied by the waiver form) via e-mail to Letters should be sent from the referee's institutional e-mail address. Letters received from a Gmail, Yahoo, or other non-institutional address may be returned.

Preveterinary Students

Most veterinary medical schools require that letters of recommendation, including committee letters, be submitted online through VMCAS. Students should visit the VMCAS website for instructions regarding the submission of letters. 

A small number of these schools accept letters of recommendation in hard copy form.

Students should ask referees to submit letters either directly to VMCAS or, where appropriate, directly to the schools to which they are applying. It is helpful, though not required, if referees submit copies of letters to the Postbac Premed Program office, as well.

The Postbac Premed Program Office cannot attach letters of recommendation to the prevet committee letter of recommendation, as they do for premed and predent students. The committee letter written in support of prevets is designed to conform to the VMCAS specifications.  

Special Requests: Individual Schools

Students should consult the websites of individual veterinary schools for any special instructions on the submission of letters of recommendation. Some schools, for example, will insist upon receiving a letter of recommendation for each site at which the student worked with animals.