Maintenance of Status

Maintenance of Status


Students who have completed coursework in the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program and are receiving a committee letter in support of their applications are required to be enrolled in Maintenance of Status (fee associated) for both terms of their glide/application year, unless they are enrolled in Columbia courses. Registration for Maintenance of Status for these students is done automatically and requires no action on the students' part.

Reapplicants are re-enrolled in Maintenance of Status, but do not pay the fee.

Students who are eligible for support but who, upon completion of their studies, elect to defer their application, will be enrolled in Maintenance of Status during the deferral year and again during their application year. They will be charged only for the first year of Maintenance of Status.

Students who are not required to register for Maintenance of Status, but who would like continued access to Columbia and Postbac Premed resources, must register prior to the beginning of the term in order to avoid a late registration fee. There is no refund of the Maintenance of Status fee if canceled after the end of the change of program period.

International students are advised that enrollment in Maintenance of Status will compel them to enroll in the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan. They may, however, petition the Student Health Insurance Office to have it waived.

Undergraduate premeds are ineligible for Maintenance of Status, even if they have graduated.


Students enrolled in Maintenance of Status will continue to enjoy the following resources:

Health Insurance and Dodge Physical Fitness Center Memberships

Students who register for Maintenance of Status have the opportunity to purchase a Student Access Membership to Dodge Physical Fitness Center and to enroll in the University's health insurance plan at student rates, but are not automatically enrolled in either.