Financing a Columbia Education

Current StudentsFinancing a Columbia Education

Financing a Columbia Education

As the first step in a student's journey toward a career in medicine, the Columbia Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program represents a significant investment of both personal and financial resources.

Although financial aid is limited primarily to student loans, a limited scholarship program is available for Postbac Premed students for students in the Orgo/Bio Year.

Note: Financial aid applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines in order to receive priority consideration.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) code for Columbia University is 002707.

Planned Enrollment Form

In order to determine eligibility for both federal and private loans, students must complete the Planned Enrollment Form. In order to access the form, students will need their Columbia Student ID number, or PID, which consists of the letter C followed by 9 numbers.

The PID is included in the acceptance packet, and can also be found on any page in SSOL. To locate their PID on SSOL, students may need to select “Show My Personal Name and Data” from the dropdown menu in the “Viewing Options” box and then click “Update View”; the CUID/PID number should then be displayed.

Educational Financing Update Form

Students whose enrollment plans have changed since submitting the Planned Enrollment Form above should submit an Educational Financing Update Form.