Degree and Certificate Programs

Degree and Certificate Programs

During the glide year, some Postbac Premed students wish to take on an additional degree or certificate program prior to enrolling in medical school. Many programs exist, but below are a few programs that have been of particular interest to Postbac Premed students.

Degree Programs

Columbia University Master of Bioethics Program
Through a special agreement between the Postbac Premed Program and the School of Professional Studies, Postbac Premed students may pursue a Master of Bioethics degree. Participants take two courses in the field during their second Postbac year, and enroll as full-time Bioethics students during the glide year. Participants complete 30 points in bioethics, learning to draw upon the disciplines of law, philosophy, religion, economics, and history. Interested students should attend an information session, held during the fall term.

Columbia University Master of Nutrition Science Program
The Institute of Health and Nutrition at the College of Physicians and Surgeons offers a one-year program leading to a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. Participants study macronutrients and micronutrients, and their impact on growth and development, and gain expertise in counseling and epidemiology. They also spend twelve weeks during the summer on a project approved by the director of the program.

Columbia University Master of Public Health Program
The Mailman School of Public Health offers an accelerated one-year program leading to a Master of Public Health degree. The curriculum consists largely of case studies drawn from history and current events. This method teaches behaviors critical to professional success, such as negotiation, persuasion, team thinking, public speaking, and critical judgment. A minimum score of a B+ must be attained for the mathematics and statistical course requirements. Candidates with other advanced degrees are ideal for this program.