Advising and Support

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Advising and Support


Postbac Premed advisors take a holistic approach to advising by designing an academic plan that will meet students' individual intellectual and career goals. Throughout the program, students will have the same dedicated advisor, who will advise them on their course of study, consult with them about their clinical and research experience, and guide them through the medical school application process. Advisors also constitute the Premedical Committee that determines institutional support.


Advisors are available to meet with students both during walk-in hours and by appointment.

Students should consult the Premedical Advising Schedule prior to making an appointment.

Program Services

Apart from academic and preprofessional advising, the Postbac Premed Program offers the following services:

  • Orientation for new students during the fall and spring terms
  • Evaluation of new student dossiers
  • Pre-registration sessions and registration appointments for new students
  • A listserv with announcements about a variety of job, volunteer, and educational opportunities
  • Connecting current students with Postbac Premed alumni
  • Annual Medical School Fair (co-sponsored by the Premedical Association)
  • Premedical committee interviews with applicants
  • Application workshops and meetings
  • Guidance and support for the writing of the common application personal statement
  • Individual MCAT counseling
  • Individual counseling about where to apply
  • Medical school interview workshops
  • Letters regarding health insurance, jury duty excuses, etc.
  • Glide Year advising
  • Group advising on a variety of topics of interest to prehealth students
  • Required letters for certification of graduation
  • Dossier administration
  • Committee letters

Official Communications

The Postbac Premed Program Office keeps students informed of important dates, events, and policy changes by sending notices to students via the twice-weekly Postbac Premed News and Announcements e-mail and by posting notices in Postbac Announcements. Most information is communicated this way, however, on occasion, the Postbac Premed Program advisors send emails with subject lines containing a double asterisk (**). Students are required to read all e-mails, which contain important information relevant to the entire student body.