Our Process

Our Process


Admission to GS is extremely competitive. To be eligible for GS, you must have a year or more break in your educational career or have a compelling reason, personal or professional, to attend part time.  

We are committed to discovering an applicant’s potential to succeed. Some applicants only have a GED or TASC while others come to GS with many years of work experience or a substantial amount of college-level education. Successful applicants all share one thing in common: their ability to accept the challenges and the rewards of a rigorous liberal arts education. The admissions process takes into account traditional measures of academic success such as test scores and high school grade-point averages, and makes a determined effort to engage applicants in a dialogue designed to gauge their academic and intellectual capabilities.

Transfer Students

GS welcomes transfer students from community college or four-year institutions. Students are eligible to receive in transfer up to 60 of the 124 points required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 64 points, at minimum, must be completed at Columbia.