Postbac Premed Alumnus Gains National Attention For Medical Drawings

Postbac Premed alumnus and current Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University student Michael Natter '11 recently gained national attention for his medical drawings, successfully combining the worlds of medicine and art, his two passions.

April 17, 2015

As a nontraditional "artsy" student, Natter was initially overwhelmed by the wealth of material as a first-year medical student, but it was through these challenges that he discovered visual learning as the most natural tool to aid him in the process.

A native of New York, Natter earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008 from Skidmore College, where he majored in neuropsychology and minored in studio art. Despite his professors’ skepticism about his prospects of getting into medical school, through hard work and perseverance while a student in the Columbia University Postbac Premed Program, he was able to achieve his goal of attending medical school and is on course to realize his ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.

Natter's motivation for pursuing medicine stems from living with Type 1 Diabetes for more than 20 years. He is particularly interested in pediatric endocrinology, and by combining medical knowledge and his first-hand experience of living with diabetes, hopes to help guide and support newly-diagnosed children.

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