Improve Time Management Skills in the Getting Things Done Group

Students are invited to learn more about how to join the Getting Things Done Group (GTD) which will assist students with tips and techniques to learn ways to use time more effectively and efficiently.

January 11, 2021

Getting Things Done is a skill and an art – and one not easily mastered. For students interested in improving time management, minimizing procrastination, and reducing the stress that comes from doing things at the last minute, the GS Getting Things Done Group is here to provide support and accountability. Members will have the opportunity to learn time management strategies and, with the support of the group, break free from the negative patterns that may be preventing them from accomplishing their personal and academic goals. Together we will learn cognitive behavioral techniques that can increase efficiency, effectiveness, competence, and confidence, thereby improving our ability to get things done.

The group aims to create a safe space and supportive community for students to share and support one another and strives to strengthen each member’s personal development and well-being and to provide tools and resources to improve their academic and personal goals.The group is offered in collaboration with Dr. Shirley Matthews from Columbia Counseling and Psychological Services.

Participation in this group is entirely optional, and all students are welcome to join. If you opt in, we ask that you commit to attending weekly one-hour meetings, and to maintaining supportive and collegial relationships with your fellow members.

Interested students should fill out this form by Friday, January 22, 2021.