IDF Veteran Mentor Sign-Up

The IDF Veteran Mentoring Program is peer-to-peer mentorship designed to support IDF veteran students through academic life at the School of General Studies and help in focusing to complete goals in the most efficient manner. We recognize there are many resources designed to assist students at Columbia University but that it may be difficult and overwhelming to navigate; however, the questions you have are neither unusual nor uncommon.  IDF Veteran mentors each have a diverse background and set of interests and are selected and trained to answer your questions and share with you their perspective and experience as a student at Columbia.

Please register by Thursday, January 30 at 11:59 p.m. for an IDF Veteran Mentor, and you will be sent a short questionnaire to best match you with a mentor.

For any questions, please email Senior Assistant Dean David Keefe at

January 17, 2020