83 Students Inducted into GS Honor Society

October 17, 2019

On Thursday, October 10, faculty, staff, friends, and family gathered at Columbia’s Faculty House to celebrate the induction of 83 students into the School of General Studies Honor Society.

The GS Honor Society was created in 1997 to recognize the exceptional academic achievements of GS students who have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.8 in more than 30 points of academic coursework at Columbia. Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch welcomed the attendees with opening remarks, followed by the presentation of the new members by Victoria Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs.

“These students are not everyone’s idea of ‘typical American college students.’  Many of them are international in their origins, and global in their outlook.  They have a maturity derived from life experiences including military service, parenthood, career achievement, immigration, and artistic endeavor.  Many have rebounded from significant challenges including serious illness, financial hardship, addiction, bereavement, incarceration, and ethnic persecution.  A number of these students are the first in their families to attend college, or even the first in their families to complete high school.  Others have had to postpone their own educations to care for family members.  Some are immigrants to the U.S.  Many of these students began their academic careers at community colleges, and through extraordinary accomplishment and initiative, forged a path to Columbia.  Talk about a growth mindset.  We find them now at the pinnacle of undergraduate academic success at Columbia.  Every one of them, whatever their backgrounds, has worked hard to earn a place here,” Dean Rosner said.

Among those inducted this spring are students enrolled in the School’s dual-degree programs with List College of Jewish Theological Seminary, with Sciences Po in France, with City University of Hong Kong, and, for the first time, with Trinity College Dublin, and students from countries all around the world, from Egypt to France, Tajikistan to Canada, and China to Poland.

Dean Rosner said, “Our dual degree program students, significant among tonight’s inductees, represent another kind of diversity at Columbia GS – students who have chosen to pursue a non-traditional approach to undergraduate education by attending two colleges. These students articulate an unusually strong sense of civic responsibility.  They see their education as a way to prepare for careers of public service, which can mean government, business, international development, and other paths.  Broadly speaking, these students are here to receive a first-rate education that they can put to work in the service of building a more just and equitable society.  When our Honor Society students work for their higher grades, they are not just boosting their GPAs but working with a more ambitious goal in mind.”

The chief aim of the GS Honor Society is to cultivate interaction among those committed to intellectual discovery and academic excellence. The only group of its kind at the University, the Society offers opportunities throughout the year for its student and alumni members to interact with one another, as well as with the faculty who enjoy working with such outstanding scholars.


Hanna Agbanrin

Hayat Aljowaily

Rachel Menina Grace Attix

Zhujun Bao

Clayton Nicholas Becker

Emily Anne Beiser

Romane Blanc

Cedric Kim Blue II

Alexa Jo Boncimino

Ethan Gerard Campbell Foley

Emma Anne Caragozian

Samuel Cardwell

Lok Yan Chan

Sinet Chelel Chelagat

Zhuoran Chen

Carmen Cheung

Tae Won Chun

Daniel Marc Cizin

Liam Alistair Collins

Sophia Cronin

Joseph Varano Cushner

Tristan Michel Alexandr Delacour

Yuqian Deng

Douglas Di Canio

Sumer Singh Drall

Leopold Dubreuil

Elias Pierre Forneris

Christian Alexander Gaeth

Karim Gharib

Ryan Michael Glassman

Alvaro Gonzalez Rubio

Maxwell Cowie Goodman

Charles Douglas Greenstein

Garrett Liam Gregor-Splaver

Kaja Grujic

Astrid Wik Hallaraaker

Madison Elisabeth Haussy

Jane Ellen Henderson

Scout Inghilterra

Lucy Jeffries

Luca Jobbagy

Griffin Alexander Jones

John Kadlick

Magda Kamila Kadlubowska

 Isabelle Zarrina Kalandar

 Vivek Kantamani

Ciara Emer Kavanagh

Edward Ray Kim

Christina Shabu Koshy

Kelley Emily Kwong

Marine Chan Le Gloan

Kyle Lee

Noa Lucie-Reine Levy Baron

Jessica Bin Li

Sixtine Louise Eugenie Lyon

Chaya Malik

Sarah Jeanne Marcotte

Halley Michal McDonough

Sara Catherine McGeough

Linas Marius Nasvytis

Jennie Rose Nelson

Giang Huong Ngo

Tae Hoon Brian Oh

William Alfred Pagel

Lucienne Marie Paradis

Lori Louise Paulson

Miyo Marlena Peck-Suzuki

Jamie Sahay Peltomaa

Antoine Pilone

Alexander Milton Pliskin

Judith Manon Lily Proch

Sydney Jayme Proffitt

James Takashi Quinn

Jolene Singh

Angel Manuel Solis

Catherine Sprague

 helsea Sunrise Talwar

Valentine Truchot

Monica Kathleen Villalon

Max Nathan Waldroop

Cunzheng Wang

Jieyan Zhu

Dylan Taylor Zuccherino