Aries dela Cruz Selected to Receive King's Crown Award

Aries dela Cruz Selected to Receive King's Crown Award

Aries dela Cruz Selected to Receive King's Crown Award

April 27, 2008

GS student Aries dela Cruz has been selected to receive a King’s Crown Award from the King’s Crown Leadership Committee for his “exemplary commitment to building campus community through outstanding leadership.”    

Aries has been active in the LGBTQ community throughout his time at GS and currently serves as Vice President of the Columbia Queer Alliance and is also a member of the editorial board of the Columbia Daily Spectator. He also recently received the GS Spirit Award.   

“I am so honored to have been selected by the awards committee,” Aries said. “Being a Columbia student allows me to take advantage of some incredible opportunities and resources—I’ve tried to make the best of my privilege of being a student here by finding my place on this campus, and then nurturing, cherishing and transforming it. This attitude isn’t necessarily limited to me, however. Throughout the phenomenal history of this University, GS students have always been committed and dedicated to student life. All students at Columbia, and GS students in particular, have the opportunity to spark debate, unleash changes that are profound, create safer spaces, and build communities—these are the kinds of acts that uplift and sustain a university.   

“The King's Crown award embodies that spirit of dedication, service and leadership, and demonstrates that the contributions we make as GS students to Columbia are enduring, inspiring and appreciated.    “I’m incredibly proud to say that I’ve contributed my part to ensuring that the "light in the darkness" that is the GS student body remains vibrant, luminous and yes, fabulous.”   

Aries will receive the Gold Crown award, given to seniors for who have made a significant impact or contribution in a student organization, at the King’s Crown Leadership Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 30.    

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