94 Students Inducted into GS Honor Society

94 Students Inducted into GS Honor Society

February 23, 2018

Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch with two GS Honor Society inductees.

On Tuesday, February 20, faculty, staff, friends, and family gathered to celebrate the induction of 94 students into the Honor Society of the School of General Studies at its spring 2018 Induction Ceremony in Low Memorial Library. The GS Honor Society, created in 1997 to celebrate the academic achievement of exceptional GS scholars, inducts students who have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.8 in more than 30 points of academic coursework at Columbia University.

The ceremony opened with a welcome from Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch, followed by remarks from Dean of Academic Affairs Victoria Rosner.

“These students are not everyone’s idea of ‘typical American college students.’ Many of them are international in their origins, and all of them are global in their outlook. They have a maturity of experience that comes from life experiences including military service, parenthood, career achievement, immigration, and artistic endeavor, and many have come back from significant challenges. Any number of these students are the first in their families to attend college. Yet here they are at the pinnacle of undergraduate academic success at Columbia. Each one of them, whatever their backgrounds, has worked hard to earn a place here,” Dean Rosner said.

Among those inducted this spring are students enrolled in the School’s dual-degree programs with List College of Jewish Theological Seminary, Sciences Po, and the City University of Hong Kong, as well as students from countries all around the world, including Russia, Greece, China, Israel, France, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Georgia, Sweden, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Morocco.

“Given the well-known rigor of the Columbia undergraduate education, this achievement places these students at the very top of a student body that is already among the most elite in the world of university education. These students, that is to say, are the best of the best,” Dean Rosner said.

The chief aim of the GS Honor Society is to cultivate interaction among those committed to intellectual discovery and academic excellence. The only group of its kind at the University, the Society offers opportunities throughout the year for its student and alumni members to interact with one another, as well as with the faculty who enjoy working with such outstanding scholars.

Spring 2018 GS Honor Society Inductees

Or Daniel Aboodi
Lou Lea Abramowicz
Noam Alon
Benjamin John Appel
Marlene Arbess
Panagiotis Arvanitis
Laura Ella Aupert
Stefan Baconschi
Emilie Holland Baliozian
Ethan Noah Berman
Alison Paige Block
Andrew Bellmore Brooks
Lynnette Pearl Chan
Jesse Chase-Lubitz
Shuqi Chen
Kai Yeung Chow
Rachel Hope Churchill
Joel Clay
Bianca Andrea Collver
William Dan
Sabrine Djemil
Angelique Nicole Dudley
Brittney Rose Feit
Matthew Joseph Fritz
Imane Lea Gilles
Pontus Goeransson
Justinas Grigaitis
Xinyi Gu
Jiayun Guo
Olivia Reimann Hartzell
Allegra Herman
Matthew Jeffery Hess
Royi Horowitz
Christopher Ryan Jackson
Tinatin Japaridze
Wanjun Jin
Sharon Claire Kavjian
Larysa Kern
Kenton Broadfoot Kilmer
James Cornelius Kilminster
JunYeol Kim
Tony Kim
Sarah Yukiko Klena
Nikola Kiro Kondovski
Matthew Robert Laderoute
Soo W. Lee
Clara Emma Elisabeth Lindh
Miguel Andres Lopez
Shannie Lotan
Jonathan Adi Lubash
Bowen Mao
Jacob Mashinski
Jacob Andrew Matthews
Kennan Choice McClung
Allison Yudelka McFall
Catherine Alice McNulty
Taylor John Miller
Afsheen Michael Moaleman
Angel Montesdeoca
Tamar Mosulishvili
Pearl Jay Mutnick
Derek Karl Nicholas
Viktoriya Nicholas
Young Jin Oh
Michelle Laone Page
Silia Polyzogopoulou
Ramya Rosalie Pratt
Yangzi Qian
Amalia Lyonia Reich
Rachel Alexandra Rodney
Eitan Rotmensch
Stephanie Rovine
Yvette Elizabeth Schutt
Roy Segal
Derrick D. Sibley
Katarina Skoko
Kate Alesia Smith
Brittany Marie Summer
Darren Yong Yu Teo
Christopher James Tiesi
Lara Sophie Tong
Adrian Varallyay
Bjorn Lee Varella
Bingchen Wang
Jingyun Wang
Tianyu Wang
Samuel Eliot Weber
Sottithat Winyarat
John Edward Daniel Yatsko
HyunBin Yoo
Sungtae Yoon
Tiancheng Zhao
Augustine Si Zhou
Max Rose Zimberg