Will Tant: Surfer to GS Student

Will Tant: Surfer to GS Student

Will Tant: Surfer to GS Student

June 7, 2012

Will Tant

After becoming a pro-surfer out of high school, Will Tant has spent most of his life hitting the waves. More recently, however, this surfer, model, philanthropist and current GS student has been hitting the books.

Tant recently interviewed with Galavante on his travels, his surfing charity and his core classes. “It’s interesting going back to school later in life,” he told the site. “I get to connect my experiences of traveling around the world with what I’m learning in class.”

This semester, for example, Tant took a religion class that prompted memories of a 2004 trip to Sri Lanka where he spent time rebuilding homes after the tsunami.

So how does a world traveler and a wave-seeker end up on the Upper West Side?

“After 15 years of surfing and traveling, New York is also where I’ve been able to fulfill a promise that I made to my parents [during high school] before I turned pro to attain a college education,” he explained to Galavante. “They never expected it would be at Columbia University.”

Outside of class and off the waves, Tant can be found in Nautica’s 2011-2012 international ad campaign; Nautica sponsors Tant’s charity for Marfan syndrome, founded in his brother’s honor.

This summer, Tant will be in New York, taking on students of his own with private surf coaching.