Alumnus Helps Preserve 1833 Military Uniform

Alumnus Helps Preserve 1833 Military Uniform

Alumnus Helps Preserve 1833 Military Uniform

July 3, 2014

Michael Taylor of NWB Environmental Services

Michael Taylor '12, an archaeologist who founded NWB Environmental Services, is working in collaboration with Chambers Group, Inc. to complete the first-documented conservation and curation of a 1833 Dragoon officer's dress uniform, once owned by Second Lt. James Clyman, for California State Parks.

The uniform, which has been on display at the San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park since 1986 and the only one of its kind in existence, was nearly destroyed in 2007 when a wildfire came dangerously close to the building in which it was being housed.

After the conservation work is complete, the uniform will be moved into a climate-controlled, long-term storage facility, and a reproduction uniform will be displayed in its place.

“It is nothing less than a great honor to provide this service, because I also served in our country’s military,” Taylor said. “It’s rather cool, as a military veteran, to be doing scientific work on a military uniform that came into existence only 57 years after the United States gained its independence. We take much delight in being a part of history by preserving history.”  

Prior to enrolling at GS, Taylor served as a U.S. Marine Corps infantryman for nearly 14 years, and as a part of his service, he deployed in Operation Desert Storm. After his time in the service, he contributed to the award-winning restoration of the historic Cosmopolitan Hotel in San Diego, California, as an archaeologist with ASM Affiliates. Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in archaeological anthropology from the School of General Studies in 2012.

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