Newly Admitted Students

Financing Your EducationNewly Admitted Students

Newly Admitted Students

Admitted students can confirm the receipt of their scholarship applications and other financial aid documents through the Columbia Online Financial Aid System. Please allow one week for processing before seeking confirmation. The Columbia Online Financial Aid System will be updated for the 2017-2018 year in mid-March.

Admitted students who wish to apply for federal, state, and institutional aid and have not yet done so should refer to the Prospective Students page.

Planned Enrollment Form

For optimal federal-aid processing, admitted students should submit the Planned Enrollment Form as soon as possible. Federal aid will not be determined until the Planned Enrollment Form is submitted.

In order to access the Planned Enrollment Form, students will need their Student ID number, or PID, which consists of the letter C followed by 9 numbers and is included in the acceptance packet.

Students who are still in the process of planning their schedule should provide their best estimate of the number of points for which they will register. It is always possible to update the Planned Enrollment Form with final information after it has been submitted.

New York State Residents Who Plan to Attend Part-Time

New York State residents who are attending part-time should submit the application for APTS (Aid for Part-Time Study) in the first semester for which they enroll. This application is available in the Office of Educational Financing, 408 Lewisohn Hall, and should be submitted by the end of the change of program period (the first two weeks of the semester).