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Professor James J. Valentini
Professor James J. Valentini

Hometown: Lafferty, Ohio
Position at Columbia: Professor, Department of Chemistry; Dean, Columbia College

  • Dynamics of chemical reactions
  • Cycling
  • Cars
  • Restoring my old house
  • Being a dad to my three sons

"GS students enliven and enrich my courses. It is great to have people who have studied and worked as artists, accountants, publishers, historians, entrepreneurs, and chefs in a science class. They bring many different perspectives from their wide ranging life and work experiences, and through their perspectives I see my course material in new and insightful ways. They are smart, determined, energetic, competitive, and questioning. They demand a lot of themselves and of me. They challenge me and I challenge them. I try my best to respond and I know they do too. We are all better because of that."