How Gifts Are Allocated

Give to GSHow Gifts Are Allocated

How Gifts Are Allocated

GS has two main fundraising priorities: growing the number of Endowed Scholarships and increasing the School's base of support through the GS Annual Fund. All gifts directly benefit students.

Endowed Scholarships provide critical financial aid. Currently, a gift of $1,000,000 underwrites one student for one year. Gifts of lesser amounts will provide partial support for a GS student.

The GS Annual Fund is the primary focus for alumni giving. A gift of any size helps GS underwrite its top priorities, in the below proportions, each year.

75% Financial Aid
Scholarship needs for students at the School of General Studies are growing. Your support allows the school to continue to offer students at GS an exceptional educational experience at Columbia University.
15% Student Services
From academic advising to career guidance to mentoring programs, GS offers students the support they need along the way to make their dreams of a Columbia education a reality.
10% Other Initiatives
Enhancements like thesis stipends, academic prizes, and student-faculty dinner exchanges support the academic experience of GS students and keep GS at the forefront of undergraduate education.