Fellowships Calendar

Fellowships Calendar

The following is a schedule of fellowships categorized by their general deadline period:

September-October | November | December |
January | February | March | April | May-August


Fulbright U.S. Student (internal)

Mitchell (internal)

Marshall (internal)

Rhodes (internal)

Gilman (for Spring term travel)

Mitchell (final)

Smithsonian Minority (for Spring)

Christianson Grant

Gates-Cambridge (U.S. citizens)

Scoville Fellowship (for Spring awards)

Luce (internal)

Soros (internal)

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American Scandinavian Foundation

DAAD Study Scholarship (arts awards)

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

Luce (final)



Harriman Undergraduate (for winter break)


Critical Language Scholarships

Goldwater (internal)

DAAD (other than arts awards)

Echoing Green

Freeman Asia (for Spring study)

NYC Health Research Training (for Spring)

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Carnegie Junior Fellows Program (internal)

Gates-Cambridge (non-U.S. citizens)

Glamour's Top 10 (final deadline)

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

Merage (final)

Princeton in Asia/Princeton in Latin America

Women's Forum

SMART Scholarships

Truman (internal)

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)

Goldman-Sachs Scholarship for Excellence

Pasteur Undergraduate Internship

Center for Arabic Study Abroad

Barbara Jordan Health Scholars Program

Blakemore Freeman Felllowships

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AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service

NYC Urban Fellows Program

Humanity in Action

NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program


Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

Carnegie Junior Fellows Program (final)

Scoville Peace Fellowship (for Fall awards)


Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

Kathryn Davis

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Leadership Programme

Huntington Public Service Award

Math for America

Goldwater (Final)


Teaching Assistant Program in France

Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust

Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship


White House Internship

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Leonard M. Rieser Fellowship


Smithsonian Minority (for Summer and Fall)

Truman (final)


SURF (Columbia)

Institute of Current World Affairs

U. Alabama Undergraduate Biomedical

Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award

Collegiate Leaders in Environmental Health

Beinecke (internal)

Global Health Corps

Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life

Freeman Asia (for summer study)

SURF (Caltech)


NYC Health Research Training (for Summer)

Fifth Year Global Studies Program

Ampere Excellence Scholarship -- ENS Lyon

Beinecke (final)

Capital Fellows Program -- California

Leo Baeck Summer University

Teaching Assistantships in Spain

Udall (internal)

Health Scholars Program -- Mailman School

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Gilman (for Summer and Fall term travel)


James Madison Memorial Fellowship

Italian American Scholarship Program

MEI Posner Fellowship for Summer Travel

MEI Summer Internship Support

Udall (final)

Weatherhead Undergraduate

NIH Summer Biomedical Internship

Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer

Summer Medical & Dental Health Education Program

China Educational Initiative

Christianson Grant (2nd deadline)

City Hall Fellows

Leitner Student Fellowships for Africa

Pearson Prize for Higher Education

Global Fellows in Sustainable Development

Teaching Assistant Program in Spain

Worldstudio AIG Scholarships

Harriman Undergraduate (for summer)

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Freeman Asia (for Fall and full year study)

Fulbright Summer Institutes

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Phyllis Stevens Sharp

NYC Service Fellowships

Christianson (3rd deadline)

Glamour's Top 10 (early deadline)

NYC Health Research Training (for Fall)

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