Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Office

The Office of the Dean of Students is the primary source of advising for students at the School of General Studies. Upon matriculation, each undergraduate student is assigned an advisor, who serves as the student's main link to GS throughout the student's career at Columbia, providing guidance on University as well as GS-specific policies and procedures.

The undergraduate advisors primarily counsel students on core requirements and choosing a major, but they also provide referrals to various resources within the University that support students who are trying to balance their academic goals with other responsibilities such as family, employment, and managing health issues. Among others, these resources include the following offices:

The Office of the Dean of Students keeps students informed of important dates and policy changes by sending notices to students via e-mail and by posting notices in DOS News and Announcements. Most information is communicated to students through twice-weekly email newsletters; however, on occasion, the Dean of Students staff sends emails with subject lines containing a double asterisk (**). Students are required to read all double-asterisk emails, which contain important information relevant to the entire student body.

Contact: The Office of the Dean of Students is located in 403 Lewisohn; (212) 854-2881;

Hours: During the academic year, office hours are Monday, Wednesday through Friday, 9 to 5; Tuesday 9 to 6. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 to 5; Friday, 9 to 12.