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I had a hunch
there was more to it.

Discover why one self-made Wall Street success story decided it was time to master a whole new narrative. 

  • Before

    My life has been one of proud accomplishments: my children and grandchildren, the marathon finish lines I have run across, and the success I have had as the head of a Wall Street investment firm. All of this has gotten me to where I am today.
  • Present

    My main focus now is reestablishing myself in the classroom, and GS has given me the ideal environment to do that. Here, I have the flexibility to customize my schedule each semester by taking a full- or part-time course load. On top of that, the curriculum is fully integrated, so nontraditional students like me take the same courses with the same distinguished professors as all the other undergraduate students.
  • Future

    I’ve already enjoyed a successful career on Wall Street, so my motivation is probably a bit different from other returning students. As an avid reader, my main goal has been to absorb more from the great works of literature, and now I’m learning to enjoy them in a whole new way. After GS I will continue to work on Wall Street. I’d also like to explore other fields like food and travel writing. I know I’ll be applying what I’ve learned to whatever life holds in store.
  1. Before
  2. Present
  3. After

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