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The markets crashed and my aspirations soared.

Discover how years of global business experience fueled one man’s mission to make the world a better place.

Rocket Fuel

  • Before

    When I left university in Mexico before graduating, I applied my passion for learning to real-world markets. I built my global real estate and private equity banking careers on meteoric growth. While traveling in Latin America, I encountered people with pervasive needs, both for basic housing and access to water. When the market crashed in 2008, I came face to face with certain truths: I wanted to complete my education and discover how to help empower people living in poverty.
  • Present

    I have the honor of working with world-renowned professors and scholars who have pushed my intellect to its limits. As one of the first students selected for the Columbia Global Scholars Program, my experience has been life changing—from traveling to China and India to study problems of urbanism and environmentalism in emerging economies, to walking through some of the world’s poorest communities and meeting people in need of great change. With my studies, I’m building a solid foundation to reach my goals.
  • Future

    My sights are set on alleviating poverty in the global south—through housing for those living in dire conditions in slums in Mumbai and Mexico City. I will work to bring better housing, water, businesses, and human rights to those in need. I’ve been accepted to complete my MS in Development Studies at the London School of Economics. And now, I’m thinking of my future on a global scale—beyond impacting hundreds of families to helping millions.
  1. Before
  2. Present
  3. After
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