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I was searching for the perfect role.

Discover how a passionate theater performer is using her personal experiences to inspire young artists in her community.

Rocket Fuel

  • Before

    From my birth in Colombia, to my childhood in Miami, I was forever moving. From my businessman father to my artist mother, I was constantly learning. From one of the world’s largest business schools to one of the smallest community drama programs, I was always growing. In an instant, I took a leap of faith. And the barriers to completing my education vanished when I was admitted to Columbia University School of General Studies.
  • Present

    As a Columbia student, the opportunities are limitless. I’m connecting the incredible academic journey at GS to my passion for training emerging young artists in my community arts organization. My Columbia theater professors are inspiring me to direct my own productions at a higher level. I opened my first dramatic production at the Miller Theatre, and am currently continuing my work in neighborhoods throughout New York City.
  • Future

    Now the world is my stage. I have ground to stand on. My future will be filled with teaching and breaking down the barriers that exist within communities. When I’m finished, I’ll have the pride of being the first person in my family to graduate with a college degree. Five years from now, I’ll be teaching—ten years from now, I’ll still be teaching.
  1. Before
  2. Present
  3. After
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