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That encore was only the beginning.

Discover why one entertainer’s greatest performance is inspiring young people to follow her lead.

  • Before

    My first dream was to be a performer: I played in bands, acted in a few shows, and even worked as a talent agent. When I turned 30, I knew I wanted to learn more – it was time for me to earn my undergraduate degree. I didn’t want to go just anywhere, and that’s why I enrolled at Columbia University School of General Studies.
  • Present

    My path to college wasn’t a straight line, but I saw an opportunity to help underprivileged kids define their vision for college, and it sparked a passion in me. Through my volunteer work and by organizing events here on campus, I’ve made a real difference in these children’s lives. And as the first in my immediate family to graduate from college – an Ivy League university, no less – I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Future

    Next year, I’ll be back for my second encore when I begin my Master’s in Anthropology and Education at Columbia University Teachers College. With that dual focus, I’ll be able to help shape the academic futures of even more young people.
  1. Before
  2. Present
  3. After
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