Upcoming Premedical Opportunities

To enhance the rigorous academic curriculum offered by the Postbac Premed Program, students are encouraged to visit this page regularly for updates on upcoming opportunities available both on-and-off -campus.

Please note: the opportunities on this page may not satisfy the 120 hours of work in a clinical or research setting required for committee support. Learn more about Premedical Clinical and Research Positions and contact your advisor for additional information. 


Fall 2021 Events

The Research Symposium and PhD Application Assistance and Advisory Program for Underrepresented Scholars (SINAI4US) is a two-day virtual event hosted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. It aims to support and enhance the participation of people in underrepresented groups in biomedical sciences graduate programs for this basic reason: Diversity and inclusion are crucial in developing the very best next generation of scientists.

At the event, students can learn how to apply for a PhD program, with a mock interview and one-on-one feedback on application documents, and present research in a symposium co-sponsored by Students for Equal Opportunity in Science. Students can also network with faculty to help build long-lasting relationships through the application process and beyond.

Event Dates: October 7 & October 8

Application Deadline: August 15

For more information, visit the website or send an email.


Summer 2021 Events

Find Your Rush Info Sessions will start with a brief welcome from a member of the Admissions Leadership team, followed by an admissions overview and current student Q&A. The session will last approximately 90 minutes in length.

Find Your Rush Info Sessions are designed for prospective medical students. If you are a re-applicant from a previous cycle, please contact us at RMC_Admissions@rush.edu with specific questions.

  • Wednesday, August 11 @ 5:30 pm CDT


The Yeshiva University EMS club is organizing an emergency medical technician (EMT) program for undergraduate students. Getting the medical skills and clinical exposure will look great on any pre-health resume! In addition, due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, the need for EMTs during this time is paramount.

Summer 2021 - August Course:
8/2-8/19 (Zoom sessions 10-2pm)

In-person sessions will be on August 15-18. Practical State Exam 8/19

Price: $1,500; State Exam fee of $28

Financial Assistance is Available: 

  • If the student promises to volunteer at an ambulance agency after completing the course successfully, successful completion of the course, they may get from 700 to full tuition refund. But they must apply to the ambulance before the beginning of the course.
  • Students can pay for the course through installments.

A student in need of financial help should mention this in the comments section of the form. They will then receive information about the ambulance services they can join.


Registration is now open for the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University 2021 Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (AVM) Online Program.

AVM is an exciting and intensive program where participants can explore the wide variety of careers available within veterinary medicine and work together virtually with faculty and veterinary students.

For students who are trying to determine whether veterinary medicine is the right career path, AVM is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the profession. The program is also helpful for students who have already decided on a future in veterinary medicine, as it allows them to collaborate with current veterinary student and explore important topics within the field.

There are three session options this summer:
Session 2:         July 26 - July 30
Session 3:         Aug 2 - Aug 6


The University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIWSOM) is hosting a SOM Admissions Summer Series for all prospective medical school applicants. Sessions will include alumni and faculty panels, a curriculum preview, an applicant workshop, and an overview of the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Master of Biomedical Sciences programs. RSVP required.  

SOM Admissions Summer Series Schedule.

Overview of UIWSOM Programs
Thurs., July 29, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. CST
Learn about the UIWSOM Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Programs. Review information about the mission and service area, weekly schedule, DO and MBS class profile/statistics, and application process followed by a live Q/A with current students.

Programs & Positions

Recently Added Programs & Positions

Program Overview

Weill Cornell Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program (RAP) exposes college and post-baccalaureate students to research activities within the emergency medicine setting, specifically at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine (NYP/WCM). Research Associates (RAs) recruit patients to research studies and perform other research-related tasks between the hours of 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, 7 days a week.

The Research Associate Program is a research program that occurs in a clinical setting.1 The program is designed to involve Research Associates in many elements of the performance of clinical research, while providing opportunities for observing clinical practice, and for extended interaction with clinical providers and patients. The program provides educational and practical experiences that increase knowledge about clinical research methodology and clinical care and may enhance participant’s application to medical or graduate school.

Participation in the program requires a minimum commitment of two, 6-hour shifts per week for two consecutive semesters and attendance at scheduled trainings or lectures (2-4 dates per semester). Participation in the program is on a volunteer, unpaid basis.

The program offers Research Associates opportunities in the following three areas:

  • Clinical Practice
    • Interaction with patients through research (e.g., patient recruitment and interviews)
    • Observation of interdisciplinary patient care in a dynamic, fast-paced clinical environment at a world-class teaching hospital
    • General patient assistance (e.g., providing blankets or water to patients as appropriate)
  • Clinical Research: Theory and Practice
    • Theory: Training in epidemiological research methods and public health practice
    • Theory: Bioethics and research ethics
    • Practice: Performing clinical research protocols related to a variety of subject areas within emergency medicine
    • Practice: Data management and data entry; review of medical records
    • Theory & Practice: Didactic and practical learning about content area of clinical research protocols
  • Networking and shadowing
    • Interaction with attending and resident physicians and other clinical staff
    • Networking with other pre-health students
    • Opportunities to shadow physicians and other clinical staff

The Research Associate program is conducted under the auspices of the Division of Research in WCM’s Department of Emergency Medicine. The Program is directed by Dr. Junaid Razzak, MBBS, PhD and is managed by JR Chansakul, MPH.

1 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 fall cycle will begin online with the possibility of in-person attendance as institutional guidelines evolve.

Applicant FAQs

What does the program look for in applicants?

The program seeks detail-oriented individuals who enjoy both working independently and on a team. Applicants do not require previous research experience.

Those with previous clinical experience are especially encouraged to apply. However, clinical experience is not a pre-requisite for acceptance into the program. The program does not consider freshmen applicants (you must be a sophomore by the time you begin the program).

Regardless of level of experience, applicants should be interested in gaining clinical research experience.

Is this a shadowing program?

Although opportunities to shadow physicians or other clinical staff may arise over the course of participation in the program, the Research Associate Program is not intended or designed solely to facilitate shadowing in a clinical context.

Is this a research program or a clinical experience program?

The Research Associate Program is a research program that occurs in a clinical setting. It is designed to provide numerous opportunities for clinical observation and extended interaction with patients in the NYP/WCM emergency department, while participating in clinical research activities.

Could I put this on a resume?

The research experiences and didactic opportunities gained by Research Associates are highly marketable. These skills may be of use in future academic or professional endeavors and can be listed on a job resume or medical school application.

Potential applicants may note that evidence suggests that participants in RA programs have a higher likelihood of acceptance into medical school than applicants who have not participated in an RA program. For more, see Sparano, D. M., Shofer, F. S., & Hollander, J. E. (2004). Participation in the Academic Associate Program: Effect on Medical School Admission Rate. Academic Emergency Medicine, 11(6), 695-698).

How can I apply?

Applications are completed online, and require two references, a cover letter, and your CV or resume. Fall 2021 applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The current application can be found here:


For More Information

Please contact JR Chansakul (Interim Program Manager, Department of Emergency Medicine) at aic4004@med.cornell.edu or 212-746-0132 with any questions.

The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs (NARAP) COVID-19 Potential Tracer Registry

In the current pandemic, an army of COVID 19 Tracers are needed to stem the spread of infection.  Along with social distancing, wearing a mask and scrupulous hand washing, Contact Tracing is a critical element in the public health fight against the disease.

What are COVID-19 Tracers?

Tracers serve a vital function through a very simple, but effective process.  From the list of people testing positive for the antigen indicating current infection with the coronavirus (a CASE), a Tracer follows a protocol to

  • receive information for a telephone call with a CASE

  • call the CASE to

    • determine symptom deterioration that might require immediate medical attention

    • advise the CASE to isolate, thus preventing the spread of the infection to others

      • directing the CASE to resources to help with any barriers to this isolation

    • find out information about those people the CASE may have already infected (CONTACTS)

  • call these CONTACTS to

    • determine if the CONTACTS have symptoms that would make them a CASE

    • advise the CONTACTS to quarantine, thus preventing the spread of the infection to others

      • directing the CONTACTS to resources to help with any barriers to this quarantine

States and municipalities across the U.S. are recruiting for COVID 19 Tracers.  Each has their own criteria and rules for bringing Tracers on-board.  Many have hired outside contractors to manage their recruiting. This may present difficulty for you in finding the right opportunity at the right time with the right place to apply.​

How can NARAP help you?

Signing up on the NARAP COVID 19 Potential Tracer Registry can help you with that difficulty:

  • Based on the date and time you send in the application, NARAP will distribute your information to health departments and recruiting agencies requesting Tracers from the Registry

    • “first come, first serve”

      • if an agency calls for 100 Tracers, NARAP will send them the first hundred names and contact information on the Registry based on criteria they request such as state of legal residence

    • You will also be placed on the list for NARAP updates on COVID-19 Tracing and other
      opportunities for clinical experience that come through the organization.

What do you need to join the Registry?​

While your place in line depends on your application time/date stamp, before sending your information forward, NARAP must receive your​

 What COVID-19 Potential Tracer Registry NOT do?

  • Assure you will be called for a position as a COVID 19 Tracer position

    • currently, many states, municipalities and agencies are flooded with applicants

  • Guarantee the offer as a COVID 19 Tracer will be for a paid position; a particular offer may just be for volunteers

  • Indicate in what time frame you may receive an offer as a COVID 19 Tracer

    • over time, we believe that many recruited Tracers from other sources will go back to their jobs and careers as the economy rebounds,

    • but the need for COVID 19 Tracers will likely extend well into 2021 and beyond

    • while there may be an abundant supply of Tracer applicants now, the need for more long term will be a demand pre-health professions students on NARAP’s COVID 19 Registry can answer

  • Preclude you from pursing all other ways for getting a position as a COVID 19 Tracer       

What will you receive from NARAP?

  • Confirmation of receipt of your

    • application to the Registry

    • certificate of completion from the Johns Hopkins University COVID 19 Training course

    • letter of endorsement from your Health Professions Adviser

  • Updates on

    • COVID 19 Contact Tracing

    • other opportunities through NARAP for clinical research experiences

We at NARAP look forward to working with you on developing the largest public health force ever assembled and future opportunities for your discernment, qualification and development as future healthcare professionals.

By clicking the link, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will comply with the contents above.

Health Nexus, a student volunteer group working with the Global Columbia Collaboratory, is currently recruiting artists, including graphic designers, who are interested in creating images for a graphic novel. The team has interfaced with healthcare professionals in diverse healthcare systems around the globe and used qualitative interviews to collect perspectives on various themes that reflect their personal and professional experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Themes include allyship & advocacy, public health, and psychological well-being.

The Health Nexus plans to prepare a script for a graphic novel where experiences of healthcare professionals in diverse regions of the world are aggregated into personas of fictional characters. Using a public health lens, the focus will be on bringing readers into bold, rich worlds. The Health Nexus is seeking artists who enjoy illustration (and or graphic design) and feel as passionately about amplifying the stories of healthcare workers.

Current work on the graphic novel can be found on their website

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Columbia Health Nexus.

VisualDx is offering a paid 8-month to 1+ year fellowship for a qualified Postbac student (or upon completion of the Postbac work) who is interested in developing an understanding of the fields of medical informatics and clinical decision-making. The company develops innovative image-centered knowledge tools, focusing on improving decisions by clinicians, and also with patients in the home.

There is currently a unique opportunity for a student to help with product research and medical and health communication. Training will include involvement in medical information technology, exposure to new trends in machine learning, problem-based medical education, case study development and software evaluation. VisualDx has made a 20 year+ commitment to DEI and is addressing health disparities with its comprehensive image base of disease presentations in patients of color.

The fellowship will expose the student to the fast-paced and evolving field of medical informatics, evidence-based medical knowledge development and entrepreneurship. The fellow will learn medicine as they work by researching the literature, exposure to medical imagery of all kinds, and writing. The fellowship will provide an introduction to the clinical reasoning process and the concept of “augmented intelligence”. The fellow will be encouraged to work on several projects simultaneously. Publication will be encouraged. Blogging, vlogging, and social media communication are part of the experience. Spoken presentation and social media communication skills are highly valued.

The candidate must have computer and smartphone app proficiency but does not need to have programming skills. The required skills involve critical thinking, logical competence, excellent writing and speaking skills and the desire to learn.

Participating in editorial and marketing meetings is part of the experience. The fellow will have frequent conversations with medical students, residents, and faculty across multiple specialties.

Position Requirements
Proficiency in MS Office suite. Excellent research and writing abilities. Interest in medical informatics, the use of information technology to improve care and learning, and clinical decision-making. Social Media Skills.

Time Commitment
Minimum of 20 hours week, prefer full time

To apply, please send resume and brief cover letter to Dr. Art Papier.

QueerCare is a trans woman-led organization providing post-operative at-home care to folks undergoing gender affirmation surgery and support services to queer people who are undergoing medical care of any kind. They have recently partnered with Callen Lorde and receive patient referrals from local hospitals. They are a community-based volunteer organization that primarily operates through a series of on-call shifts, each 6 hours long, as well as last-minute services when necessary. Shifts are designated as either a transportation shift (to or from surgery or post-operative visits), a basic at-home care shift, or an intensive care shift. Basic at-home care includes fetching groceries, walking pets, doing laundry, or other services that a post-operative patient may require. An intensive care shift involves more direct post-op care, including drain care, keeping a medicine schedule, emptying a urine vac, and contacting medical services as necessary. They also offer overnight care on occasion, as well as socializing and meal delivery.

Through their partnership with Callen Lorde,  volunteers will receive HIPPA training and certification, and there will be opportunities for training in various post-operative care procedures through Callen Lorde as well.

Please contact QueerCareNYC@gmail.com in order to request an application. You may also visit their Instagram page at @QueerCareInc. Feel free to contact founder Carmen Garcia at 954-551-6794 with any questions.

Friendly Calls to Seniors (FCS) is seeking volunteers to call older adults with underlying mental health conditions each week to support Washington Heights residents during this isolating time as part of Columbia’s COVID-19 Student Service Corps (CSSC). 

These conversations provide social support to clients, connect them to vaccination appointments and resources such as translation services, screen for social determinants of health concerns like food insecurity, and identify and escalate health concerns to care providers. 

Volunteers will learn about new community resources, brainstorm ideas, and participate in weekly debriefs with the rest of the interprofessional student volunteer team and faculty advisors. Contact Zion Walker with any questions.

Sign Up 

KittyKind – a not-for-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer cat rescue and adoption group – seeks part-time volunteers year-round. Operating out of the Union Square Petco store, the organization rescues more than 400 abandoned cats a year. Duties include feeding rescued cats, ridding them of worms, treating eyes, providing ear cleaning and digestive aid, and sending them to adoptive homes.

Volunteers must commit to four hours one day per week, preferably with a one-year commitment. Training and materials are provided.

On the website, click on “Volunteer” / “Volunteer Application” / For the “Type” of volunteering, choose “Health Care”

Other Opportunities 


  • Pre-Med students: Has COVID-19 impacted your future plans? Researchers at UC San Diego are eager to learn how the pandemic has affected you and invite you to take a short, 5-minute survey. Your input may help them better understand the challenges you and other pre-health students are facing during this pandemic.
  • Has COVID led to a delay in taking the MCAT? Cancellation of your summer internship? Affected your ability to get letters of rec? As a team of UCSD researchers, we want YOUR thoughts via this short survey about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your plans to pursue a pre-health career!
  • We know that a lot of MCAT and volunteer/extracurricular opportunities have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UCSD researchers are trying to get a better grasp on understanding these difficulties and stressors during these unprecedented times. To potentially improve the application process in the future, please take this short survey.